it would be done with the Blue Jackets

it would be done with the Blue Jackets
it would be done with the Blue Jackets

For several days, there has been talk of seeing Don Waddell arrive in Columbus. He resigned from his position in Carolina, and the Blue Jackets seemed particularly interested.

He had already had an interview.

And according to Pierre LeBrun, it would be a done deal: Waddell would go to work for the hockey operations of the Ohio club.

The question now is to know what its exact task definition will be. We know that Waddell has experience in the league, and the fact that LeBrun mentions that he will have “the biggest job in hockey operations” in Carolina suggests that he may be president of hockey operations and not DG.

Darren Dreger seems to imply that Waddell will be both president and CEO… but perhaps not in the long term.

This raises questions considering that the Blue Jackets already have a president of hockey operations in John Davidson. Will the latter move into an “advisor” role to leave his position of president to Waddell (who could possibly hire a CEO)? Possible.

The official announcement should come next week. We should know a little more about the position Waddell will occupy, but we can imagine that there will be big changes in the structure of hockey operations in Columbus.

Looking forward to seeing where this all takes us.


If Waddell becomes president and wants to hire a GM, one wonders if Trevor Timmins, who is already in Columbus, could get the promotion.

I wonder if Marc Bergevin, who had his problems with Waddell, would agree to work under him with the Blue Jackets. Because after all, whether as an advisor in Los Angeles or as CEO in Columbus (under a president), he is not the one who would have both hands on the wheel.



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