In Caen, the Liberty meeting attracts French swimming stars before the Paris Olympics

In Caen, the Liberty meeting attracts French swimming stars before the Paris Olympics
In Caen, the Liberty meeting attracts French swimming stars before the Paris Olympics


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May 25, 2024 at 5:12 p.m.

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Symbol of a growing club, the Liberty meeting organized by EN Caen welcomes around 400 swimmers from around forty different clubs, on May 24, 25 and 26, 2024. Among them, around fifty level swimmers national will be present at the French championships, and some aspire to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris.

EN Caen a booming club

Nicolas Couderc, sporting director of the ENC, does not hide his enthusiasm when he talks about his club, its recent progress and its projects: “Four years ago, we had no “elite”. We made a fairly ambitious bet to reach the eight “elites” in 2024. Today, the club has nine. Everyone predicted failure for us. We did it but it is not an end in itself, we must continue our progress. »

Swimming remains, despite all the efforts of the federation and its clubs, a sport lacking media coverage. The Liberty meeting is an opportunity for the Caen club to offer a beautiful image of the nautical competition throughout the weekend. And Nicolas Couderc adds:

The people of Caen don’t know it, probably because we are too discreet, but the Entente Nautique is the largest single sports club in the area with around 1,200 members.

Nicolas Couderc, director of EN Caen

ENC is not just competition

There is of course the competition center but also many different sectors: the swimming school, learning, improvement, the adult group, prenatal aquagym, baby swimmers and even a sports and health section. Supervised by five professional coaches, the competition group improves its performances, season after season. So, a swimmer from Caen at the Olympic Games? “Not in Paris, that’s a certainty, but we have the right to dream,” replies Nicolas Couderc. We have high hopes for Corentin Mouton, ninth French in the 200 meter breaststroke. »

Olympic goal

The Paris Olympics are the declared objective of Mewen Tomac, Wissam Amazigh-Yebba and Yann Le Goff. The first, trained in Évreux, spent a season with the ENC and now in Amiens before a scheduled departure to the United States, has already had the pleasure of participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

I was a child discovering a new world. Since then I have been well placed at world level, I have gained confidence and I know how to handle myself in competition. In Chartres, I will swim 100 and 200 meters backstroke.

Mewen Tomac

The ambition for Yann Le Goff and for Wissam Amagzigh-Yebba passes through the relays. For Yann, the objective at the Olympics is to integrate the 4×200 crawl which has a real chance of medaling. While waiting for these future deadlines, the three swimmers have one thing in common: they are delighted to be in Caen to participate in the Liberty meeting.


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