Pro D2 – The notes of Béziers – Brive: Otunuku Pauta as a demolitionist, Tom Raffy will not have been enough for the CAB

Pro D2 – The notes of Béziers – Brive: Otunuku Pauta as a demolitionist, Tom Raffy will not have been enough for the CAB
Pro D2 – The notes of Béziers – Brive: Otunuku Pauta as a demolitionist, Tom Raffy will not have been enough for the CAB

This Friday evening, Béziers won by two small points against Brive after an exceptional match (33-31). The Héraultais were able to count on excellent Otunuku Pauta and Samuel Marques while the excellent score of Tom Raffy was not enough for the CAB.

Detailed notes from Béziers:

8. Otunuku Pauta: 8.5/10

An impressive first half from the Béziers number 8. He scored a try at the end of the line which restored the advantage to the Biterrois (13-9), and was the decisive passer on Plazy’s try after the break which restored the advantage to the locals. We saw him less in the second half, but he finished the match with the incredible figures of seven defenders beaten and 100 meters covered.

9. Samuel Marques: 8/10

Excellent facilitator, dynamiser of the Béziers game, always on the lookout for the slightest opportunity at hand, where we saw him on this crazy restart from 22 meters a quarter of an hour into the game, or at the foot on his little overhands looking for the spaces in the second curtain. Short on his third attempt at the foot which could have allowed his teammates to return to 9-9. He quickly caught up behind, managing the Béziers game wonderfully and relentlessly sticking to the ball, as in the four-minute sequence which led to the winning try. Special mention also to his sidekick Charly Malié, who played a neutral match until his breakthrough which led to the try to win.

4. Hans Nkinsi: 7/10

The Béziers second line put in a colossal amount of work throughout the game, sparing no effort in the ruck zones and mauls. And yet, we saw him touch the ball at least five times during the interminable offensive sequence from Béziers lasting more than four minutes; the ex-Castrais took care to conclude himself. One of the great architects of ASBH’s victory who, for the record, scored his first try of the season.

Hans Nkinsi scored the winning try for ASBH.

3. Jon Zabala: 3/10

Undisciplined, the right-hander conceded two penalties in the first half hour alone. The intelligent coaching of the Brive staff, who launched two new pillars at the half-hour mark, did not work. Still penalized in the second half, he ended up receiving a yellow card on the hour mark.

Other notes from Béziers:

  • 15. Gabin Lorre: 6/10
  • 14. Pierre Courtaud: 5/10
  • 13. Tim Nanai-Williams: 5/10
  • 12. Watisoni Votu: not rated, replaced by Leka Tupuola: 6.5/10
  • 11. Nicolas Plazy: 5/10
  • 10. Charly Malié: 6/10
  • 7. Clément Ancely 7/10
  • 6. William Van Bost: 5/10
  • 5. John Madigan: 5/10
  • 2. Wilmar Arnoldi: 6/10
  • 1. Francisco Fernandes: 6/10

Detailed notes from Brive

12. Sam Johnson: 4/10

With the absence of Stuart Olding, the Corrèze back line lacked experience this Friday evening. Certainly, the talent is there among the young shoots but we could have expected a little better from Sam Johnson. The Scottish international was (too?) discreet on Raoul-Barrière’s side. He also let loose some ammunition which could have been decisive. Replaced during the second half by Pierre-Henry Broncan, the former Glasgow player finished with only eight meters covered with the ball in hand and three small tackles. A performance below its standards.

10. Tom Raffy: 7.5/10

If you want to win an away finals match, you need a great flyhalf. On the lawn of the Raoul-Barrière stadium, the Corrèze opener masterfully led the CAB game in the company of Léo Carbonneau. Facing the posts, the French U20 international was almost perfect with a 9/10 (26 points scored in total).. And what about his drop from forty meters just before half-time to put his team back in front… Proof of his character, he had no doubts after his first failure of the evening. Certainly, his more than successful performance was not enough, but Raffy has nothing to reproach himself for.

15. Nick Krone: 5.5/10

Installed for several weeks at the back of Brive, Nic Krone demonstrated the full extent of his talent in Hérault. Under the high balls, the South African never trembled except on a kick-off. At the start of the match, on one of the first offensives, the Corrèze back showed great serenity to annihilate the action with a “mark”. It’s simple, every time he touches the ball, something happens. We won’t spare you either his long kicks to give his people some air. The only downside was his yellow card at the end of the first act. A temporary expulsion ultimately well negotiated by the Brivists.

The rest of Brive’s notes:

  • 14. Asaeli Tuivuaka: 5.5/10
  • 13. George Shvelidze: 6/10
  • 11. Arthur Bonneval: 5/10
  • 9. Léo Carbonneau: 6/10
  • 8. Taniela Sadrugu: 4.5/10
  • 7. Ross Moriarty: 6.5/10
  • 6. Retief Marais: 5/10
  • 5. Tevita Ratuva: 6.5/10
  • 4. Renger van Eerten: 5/10
  • 3. Marcel van der Merwe: 6/10
  • 2. Lucas Da Silva: 4/10
  • 1. Daniel Brennan: 6.5/10


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