Discomfort in the Press: a journalist loses his mind in front of everyone

Alexandre Pratt, journalist at La Presse, recently expressed strong anger towards BPM Sports, even though the Montreal sports radio station does everything to promote sport in Quebec.

Pratt did not accept that Tony Marinaro, Georges Laraque and other hosts criticized the city of Montreal and its mayor Valérie Plante, when everyone knows that the latter is only destroying sport in the Quebec metropolis.

BPM Sports is right on all counts. Montreal is a sporting disgrace, incapable of supporting more than one true professional team despite its status as the tenth largest city in North America.

Pratt went too far in response to these criticisms, calling the comments heard at BPM Sports nonsense. We can clearly sense the contempt in the tone of the Press journalist. He was so angry with the radio station that he lost all sense of respectful communication. As if the criticism of Montreal had made him lose his mind.

“The level of nonsense about Montreal heard at BPM Sports today is appalling. My favorite, in the same sentence: “We can’t find parking downtown, it’s completely dead.” Yogi Berra couldn’t have said it better!”

He went on to argue that the problem with the lack of a basketball team in Montreal is not due to the city itself, but rather the NBA’s preference to return to Seattle and establish itself in Las Vegas before considering further expansions.

On Twitter, Alexandre Pratt disputed several assertions from BPM Sports:

On the interest of leaders in sport:

“The mayor and the prime minister are not interested in sport. »

Pratt refutes by quoting Stephen Bronfman, sports promoter, who affirmed that François Legault, as a businessman, appreciates discussions on sports projects.

On the location of the stadium:

“A stadium in the east of the city is not working. »

Pratt points out that CF Montreal plays in front of packed houses all season.

On Montreal’s sporting reputation:

“We have become the laughing stock of North America. »

He mentions the presence of prestigious sporting events such as F1, ATP, WTA, and international figure skating and cycling competitions.

On the diversity of sports teams:

“We are a one-team city. »

Pratt recalls the successes of the Alouettes, CF Montréal, the PWHL and the Rocket, as well as the massive presence of spectators at various sporting events.

The journalist did not understand the extent of the problem. Montreal only has one team from the four major leagues (NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL), not to mention that the NHL is by far the smallest of these leagues.

BPM Sports rightly accuses local authorities of negligence, while Pratt vigorously defends the city’s sporting efforts and successes, while pointing the finger at outside interests and the broader challenges facing Montreal.

However, critics of BPM Sports point to legitimate concerns about infrastructure and support for sports in Montreal.

Streets cluttered with orange cones and the exorbitant cost of the Olympic Stadium are recurring problems. Additionally, the Alouettes and CF Montreal, while beloved, face challenges in terms of popularity and fan engagement.

Alexandre Pratt’s passion for defending the city and its leaders also reveals a political dimension, with some accusing La Presse of bias because of its government and municipal subsidies. Without this money given by Justin Trudeau, François Legault and Valérie Plante, the Press would no longer exist.

BPM Sports, as an independent voice, maintains its critical position, affirming that provincial and municipal leaders must do more to revitalize Montreal’s sports landscape.

No offense to Pratt, this is the truth…



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