“We didn’t fight very hard”: OLB gives in to Rouen and abandons its hopes of progress

“We didn’t fight very hard”: OLB gives in to Rouen and abandons its hopes of progress
“We didn’t fight very hard”: OLB gives in to Rouen and abandons its hopes of progress


Raphael Bazile

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May 23, 2024 at 8:32 a.m.

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It’s a defeat that hurts, very hurts in fact. In a CO’Met room for great evenings with 7,559 spectatorsthe OLB players lost at the end of the match with the heavy score of 82 to 101 against Rouen Métropole, this Wednesday May 22, 2024.

Everything started well for the players of Germain Castanowith more than 10 points ahead in the first quarter. As the match progressed, the Orléanais were overtaken and even overtaken in the last quarter.

The Rouennais’ three-point success at the end of the match definitively confirmed OLB’s hopes of continuing the adventure in the playoffs.

“Tonight I am sad”

After the match, the emotion that predominates is necessarily sadness. Sadness to end the season on this note, especially at home, in front of an audience who came en masse this time for this playoff match.

Tonight I’m sad. When you have a season like that, you fight throughout the championship to get to this stage so to end like that… This match is the story of our year. This is not the first time that we have lost like this, at the end of the match. We were too irregular…

Ludovic NegrobarCaptain of the OLB

Towards the end of the adventure for the coach?

The emotion was also there for the coach Germain Castano. Seven years after his arrival at OLB, the coach shed a few tearsin a post-match press conference after the elimination of his team.

His speech seemed like a farewell, he whose mission was to move the club up to a higher division to keep his position. “I don’t want to talk about basketball tonight. We didn’t fight much this evening,” confessed the coach.

This evening, I am very touched. I am proud of what I have achieved in this club. The trip was amazing and I will forever hold the OLB family in my heart. I deeply love this club.

Germain CastanoOLB coach

The coach will have experienced many significant events on the OLB bench since his arrival in 2017, such as an ascent and descent of Pro A and Pro B and the inauguration of the CO’Met room. He spent 297 matches on the Orléans bench.

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