Soccer. Livio Nabab ends his career: “I want to enjoy my family”

Soccer. Livio Nabab ends his career: “I want to enjoy my family”
Soccer. Livio Nabab ends his career: “I want to enjoy my family”


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May 23, 2024 at 8:12 a.m.

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The farewells of Livio Nabab (35 years old), since they were published on the player’s various social networks, have aroused a great wave of sympathy. “I’ve been thinking about it since last year after my knee hurt me, even if it’s mostly left me alone this season,” he confides.

I preferred to go on a good season and on a journey with the club. A form of weariness had set in. I felt like my strength and motivation were waning. I lived from football for eighteen years. I now want to enjoy my family.

Livio Nabab, former SM Caen striker

The striker was still playing at US Granville (25 matches, 2 goals this season) which he had joined four years earlier. “My family and I feel good there. Being a professional gamer is not a normal life. Returning to the amateur world is therefore difficult to cope with, but US Granville is a very well structured club. If I signed there, it is also to prepare for the future of my career.”

The men of Olivier Cahoreau and Matthias Jouan took the podium in their National 2 group after a big victory against FC Chambly at the end of the championship (3-0).

I matured my thinking throughout the season. Even though my professional reconversion is well underway, this decision was not easy to make. I have only known football in my life. There are certainly things I could have done better but I have no regrets. I’m even happy to have taken it.

Livio Nabab, former SM Caen striker

His teammates, however, were surprised by this announcement. “They saw me with them every day. They told me that I still had the legs to continue. »

Spotted at 18

Trained in Guadeloupe, Livio Nabab was spotted by SM Caen at the age of eighteen.

I spent seven years there. It’s a beautiful journey! The life of a football player is not all highs. I have also experienced some blows. Stade Malherbe made me grow up. He brought me everything. I still have a lot of ties there and to the city. I still have a lot of contacts there and I met my wife there.

Livio Nabab, former SM Caen striker

Between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Livio Nabab played eighty-eight matches in the blue and red jersey (15 goals). And twenty-six with the reserve team (5 goals). “I wanted to become a professional in mainland France and, thanks to Philippe [Tranchant, ancien entraîneur au club, ndlr], SM Caen offered me the opportunity. Even if I don’t talk to them every day, I have a lot of respect for Franck. [Dumas, ndlr] and Patrice [Garande, ndlr]. It’s a page that is turning. »

Then follow Stade Lavallois, AC Arles-Avignon, AJ Auxerre, US Orléans and Football Bourg-en Bresse Peronnas 01. Between all this, a one-year break at SK Beveren (Belgium) .

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I had a great career. I saw big clubs, beautiful stadiums. I met players and coaches who later became friends. I want to stay positive. Hard times taught me to bounce back and learn to fail. Football was a wonderful stage in my life that I took full advantage of.

Livio Nabab, former SM Caen striker

Livio Nabab now sees himself in the costume of a real estate agent. “It always appealed to me. I discovered another world, another side of people and I had to adapt. I’ve been talking about this project for a long time. Footballers’ lives are short. You never know what tomorrow will bring and you always have to have a plan B in mind. In Granville, I had the opportunity to join an agency that allowed me to combine football, work and training. I am an open person. I like helping people realize their dreams! »

It remains to be seen whether he will miss football. “I’m waiting until July before answering this question,” he smiles. The start of the season has never been my strong point but I will still keep an activity. It might be hard but I’ll move on. Instead of worrying, I’m going to enjoy my family. »


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