NBA: Dallas wins in Minnesota and starts the final in the West perfectly | TV5MONDE

NBA: Dallas wins in Minnesota and starts the final in the West perfectly | TV5MONDE
NBA: Dallas wins in Minnesota and starts the final in the West perfectly | TV5MONDE

The Dallas Mavericks of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic had a perfect debut in the Western Conference final with a success against the Minnesota Timberwolves (108-105) on Wednesday.

Given favorites after their demonstration in the first round against Phoenix, then the elimination of defending champion Denver in the next, the Minnesota Timberwolves flouted their basketball, leaving too many easy points for Dallas in the paint (62 against 38).

Dallas was obviously able to count on its two stars: Kyrie Irving (30 points) shone at the start of the match before Luka Doncic (33 points) achieved a superb end to the match to take home advantage in this best-of-series series. seven matches.

“We played a good match. With Luka (Doncic), we tried to understand the rhythm of the game, me at the beginning, him then (…). If I want to give Luka a little rest, I have to stay aggressive all the time,” said the experienced Irving (32 points).

In a very close match, neither team had a lead of more than nine points.

Devilish Doncic

The Wolves experienced a slump in the last quarter, conceding a 13-0 from which they struggled to recover, largely because of Luka Doncic, left knee bleeding, suddenly diabolical in precision in all areas.

“We had to work very hard to get this victory. Kyrie kept us in the game, while I played poorly in the first three quarters,” commented the Slovenian, who had long been clumsy from afar in the image. of his team (3 out of 19 from three points after three quarters for Dallas, 6 out of 25 in the end).

Often out of breath with his hands on his hips, Minnesota’s young leader Anthony Edwards (22 points) did not have his usual impact (19 points, 11 rebounds, 3 gross turnovers).

“We were flat today (Wednesday), without energy. It’s all our fault, we were probably a little tired” by the seven games of the previous series against Denver (4-3), when Dallas finished its a day earlier (4-2 against Oklahoma City).

Minnesota counted in vain on the long-range skill of Jaden McDaniels (24 points at 6 of 9 from three points). French pivot Rudy Gobert compiled 12 points and 7 rebounds, Karl-Anthony Towns 16 points and 7 rebounds.

The Wolves will have to bounce back on Friday during a new home meeting.

. NBA Conference Finals Summary

WEST: Dallas beats Minnesota on Wednesday 108 to 105 and leads 1-0, game 2 Friday at Minnesota

EST: Boston leads 1-0 against Indiana, Game 2 Thursday in Boston



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