The Normandy Summer Tour 2024, French and Norman potential highlighted abroad

The Normandy Summer Tour 2024, French and Norman potential highlighted abroad
The Normandy Summer Tour 2024, French and Norman potential highlighted abroad

Like the American and Spanish winter circuits, can France develop a renowned circuit? summer? Initiated last year, the Normandy Summer Tour wishes to promote the breeding and development capabilities of the Normandy and neighboring regions, while highlighting the superb stables and places where French competitions are organized. On the program, fourteen dates of competitions at CSI 1* to 4* level, open to all.

A certified circuit to promote the French sporting offer

“Some time ago, we were having dinner with a group of friends who had one foot in the United States and we said to ourselves that there was a link to be made between the Pan-American countries and France,” introduces Christian Paillot, at the origin of the Normandy Summer Tour project. “A majority of French horses are sold there by Belgian or Dutch wholesalers. France has some good large specialist dealers, but it nevertheless lacks visibility among Pan-American riders. Creating the Normandy Summer Tour circuit thus fulfills two objectives: allowing Norman breeders and riders to continue their breeding and development work, and putting highlight our potential with Pan-American riders and buyers.” Founded in 2023 with five competition dates, the Normandy Summer Tour 2024 triples the stakes in this Olympic year by now bringing forward fourteen dates, spread across the Normandy, Oise and Pas-de-Calais regions.

“The Normandy Summer Tour clearly illustrates the possibilities of this diamond mine that is France and its horse lands”, Christian Paillot

Land of horses par excellence, the Normandy Region is very active in the equestrian sector and has not skimped on investments, like its commitment to the Haras du Pin, the Saint-Lô center and the International Center of the Longines Horse (PIC) of Deauville. ” THE regional authorities – including the city of Deauville – are very invested in the equestrian industry. French horses are renowned throughout the world, but ultimately there are few direct purchases in France… We must restore the balance,” notes Christian Paillot. “ We now have several Pan American riders calling us every day to participate in the Normandy Summer Tour. Furthermore, the recent purchase of Eclipse des Forêts by Cian O’Connor during the CSI 3* Cabourg Classic stage only reinforces our feelings! The idea is to perpetuate this circuit, to maintain it, even to expand it. At the same time, we set up the Olivier Jouanneteau Challenge, a challenge based on points gleaned from rankings on the circuit to win a brass statuette of the rider and artist Olivier Jouanneteau. France and its horse lands are prolific in terms of production, promotion, organization, but also in terms of art. We would be delighted if the Normandy Summer Tour could illustrate the diamond mine that is equestrian France,” concludes the initiator of the Normandy Summer Tour

Credit: Cécile Sablayrolles

The dates of the Normandy Summer Tour 2024:

From May 3 to 5: Canteleu (CSI 1, 2 and 4*).
From May 9 to 12: Cabourg Classic (CSI 1 and 3*).
From May 17 to 19: Longines Deauville (CSI 1 and 2*).
From May 30 to June 2: Le Touquet Classic (CSI 1 and 3*).
From June 6 to 9: Longines Deauville (Grand National).
From June 13 to 16: Haras National du Pin (CSI 1 and 2*).
From June 20 to 23: Sotheby’s CSIO Deauville (CSI 1 star and CSIO 3*).
From June 20 to 23: Normandie Horse Show, in Saint-Lô (CSI 1 and 2*).
From July 4 to 7: Notre-Dame-d’Estrées (Grand National).
From July 11 to 14: Chantilly Classic (CSI 1, 2 and 4*).
From July 25 to 28: Longines Deauville (National Pro Elite).
From August 2 to 4: Normandie Horse Show, in Saint-Lô (CSI 1, 2 and 3*).
From August 8 to 11: Longines Deauville Classic (CSI 1 and 4*).
From August 15 to 18: Saint-Gatien – Deauville (CSI 1 and 2*).

More informations :
Normandy Summer Tour: making Normandy a real center of attraction for all international riders.
From next year, the Normandy Summer Tour wishes to focus more on the CSI 4* level and will therefore advance six CSI 4* stages, replacing 3*.



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