The Hurricanes are turned around by the St. Petersburg SKA

The Hurricanes are turned around by the St. Petersburg SKA
The Hurricanes are turned around by the St. Petersburg SKA

For several days now, more and more information has been circulating that SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL would be willing to terminate the contract of the young phenomenon. Matvei Mishkov to allow him to join the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL next season.

Remember that there are currently still two years left on Michkov’s contract in the KHL.

At a press briefing yesterday, the DG Don Waddell of the Carolina Hurricanes hoped for a similar fate, he who said he was actively trying to convince the SKA to release the defender Alexander Nikishin so he can make it to the NHL next season.

Today we learn that the ‘Canes will not be entitled to the same leniency from the SKA.

According to what the Hockey News Huba member of the organization reacted to Waddell’s comments and spoke to the network Match TV under cover of anonymity. He was clear about the team’s intentions, saying there’s no way they’ll let the young defenseman play in the NHL next season, even if he only has one year left. KHL contract… And this even if the Hurricanes offered them 100 million!

Don Waddell’s statements are surprising and I don’t know why he said that. Alexander Nikishin has a contract with SKA for the 2024-25 season. For us, he is a key member of our defensive squad and one of the best defensemen in the KHL. Even if the possibility of selling his rights arises, we would not let him go, not even for 100 million. This is not at all a situation like that of Matvei Michkov.

– Member of the St. Petersburg SKA

It has the merit of being clear!

It is true that the situation of Nikishin, who occupies a regular role with SKA in the KHL, is very different from that of Michkov, who was loaned to him for the last two seasons to the Sochi team and does not does not evolve with St. Petersburg.

The fact that the member of management compares the two files in this way gives even more weight to the rumors that Michkov will be sent to the NHL next season.

  • Aged 22, Alexander Nikishin is a 3rd round pick (69th overall) in 2020. This season, he compiled a record of 17 goals and 39 assists for a total of 56 points in 67 games.

More details will follow.



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