Kent Hughes’ lie revealed: Cayden Lindstrom will take down Kirby Dach

Kent Hughes appears to be playing a double game in the NHL transaction market. While rumors are rife regarding his interest in Cayden Lindstrom and his desire to add a big center to his roster, Hughes continues to proclaim loudly and clearly that he is not looking for a center.

He claims to be perfectly comfortable with Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach, although the latter, nicknamed “porcelain” because of his fragility, struggles to secure the role of second center in a lasting manner.

Hughes tries to convince his counterparts that he has no need for an additional center, emphasizing his confidence in Suzuki, who has shown undeniable qualities as a leader and top player.

As for Dach, despite his potential, his frequent injuries have limited his ability to establish himself as a reliable long-term solution. This situation makes Hughes’ statements all the more suspicious.

Other NHL GMs aren’t stupid. They know that the Canadiens urgently need to strengthen their center line to remain competitive.

Cayden Lindstrom, who is compared by everyone to the future Eric Lindros, appears to be the ideal candidate to meet this requirement.

By denying any interest, Hughes is likely looking to avoid sparking a frenzied race for Lindstrom in the draft and trying to fly under the radar.

This concealment strategy, however, carries risks. If Hughes is seen as deceptive and lying by his peers, it could complicate his future negotiations and taint his credibility.

Transparency, although sometimes disadvantageous in sports transactions, remains a valuable asset for maintaining relationships of trust with other teams.

Kent Hughes’ game is tricky. By walking a fine line between truth and lies, he hopes to put the Canadiens in a strong position on the trade market and in preparation for the draft.

However, each misstep could be costly. For now, the NHL watches, eyes glued to the Montreal Canadiens, waiting to see if Hughes will get his way or if he will be forced to reveal his true intentions and pay a high price on the transaction market for strengthen your team.



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