Big character, big heart, fan of Savanier: Killian Corredor, the other “gypsy” who wants to bring Rodez to Ligue 1

Big character, big heart, fan of Savanier: Killian Corredor, the other “gypsy” who wants to bring Rodez to Ligue 1
Big character, big heart, fan of Savanier: Killian Corredor, the other “gypsy” who wants to bring Rodez to Ligue 1

The young striker from Rodez, born in Montpellier, has revealed himself this season after a winding journey. And he catches the eye of Ligue 1 before hosting Paris FC this Tuesday during the Ligue 2 play-offs.

“Football means that sometimes things happen that you don’t expect.” That day, Killian Corredor, with a dark look, didn’t really want to talk. Waiting more than an hour for an interview can be annoying. But Ruthenia’s second top scorer of the season (12 in L2, 6 in the Cup) finally sat down at the table, without ever leaving one of the balls lying around the room. To better tell a trajectory like this RAF: dented, made of mazes, but also of a limitless slab up to the gates of Ligue 1.

Unimaginable until recently, both for a club still in National 2 in 2016, and for “Kiki”, almost forever excluded from the professional world three years ago, when Toulouse FC did not keep him.

The kid wasn’t well when we picked him up, testifies its president Pierre-Olivier Murat. Then, little by little, he started enjoying it again.” After four years of training and a Gambardella final in 2019, Corredor is piling up the goals, but like Téji Savanier at the MHSC, he is paying off the abundance of a golden generation, from Manu Koné to Amine Adli, by the way by Bafodé Diakité or Moussa Diarra.

Back home and at the RAF, left in full swing in the U17 category for the Pink City, rather than for Montpellier, Rennes and especially Angers, then at his feet. “I was offered to prepare with Ligue 2. Just with an amateur contract, he rewinds. But it’s the opportunity to stay in the professional world and at the same time, to return to the basics, where there is my family, my friends. It’s the perfect project.”

“I was at the bottom of the hole”

The start of the comeback is a forced learning process in reserve, with bits of L2 matches as an appetite suppressant. Not enough to quench the appetite of this child of the ball, son of Gregory, ex-player for Rodez in the National in the 1990s, himself the son of a footballer.

“I saw it as a second failure after Toulouse, Killian breathes. I wanted to stop playing at the high level, finish the season, play with my friends and resume my studies. But football means that sometimes things happen that you don’t expect.”
The turning point is a regional level match, a meeting against Argelès, in the shadow of everything but sealed by a double. “I was at the bottom of the hole. And the president came to see me: Listen, Killian, you started against the PFC.”

Corredor doesn’t believe it but starts and, three days later, scores his first goal in L2, against Nancy (1-1). “And it all started,” he continues. “I never left the team.”
82 consecutive appearances in the second division, 20 goals and 15 assists: the current sequence is borderline rational. “So, you just need a double against Argelès, it can change your career, he laughs. You always have to believe in it, in fact. And then it’s often when you least expect it that it happens.”

The maxim is found in Corredor’s game, a mixture of shadow work, inexhaustible will, taste for duels and one of the most impressive volume in the championship. “When you are on the pitch, you must not be afraid”, he summarizes. Even if it means scattering, sometimes, and prompting the refocusing of his trainer, Didier Santini, with whom the sparks have from time to time preceded the fire of the weekend.

“He also has a big character. Sometimes, we sure got into each other”smiles the player, whose family, from grandmother Eliette to little brother Morgan, player from the Ruthenian reserve, constantly fills the stands of Paul-Lignon. “Each time, I need at least twenty places”he says with a burst of laughter.

“The gypsy” in Téji’s footsteps?

In the near future, the fan club may have to resolve to leave this stadium where Killian, number 12 in the back, has become one of the darlings. The performances drew attention to a player linked until 2026 with Rodez.

Nice or Montpellier would be on the lookout. “With the season he’s having, I think there will be desires, agrees Pierre-Olivier Murat. I haven’t seen anything about the MHSC, but the idea wouldn’t be stupid. I can send my RIB to “Laulau” (Nicollin).”
Born in Montpellier, while his father played at Grabels, Corredor looks at La Paillade with affectionate eyes. “It’s a club that I would like, in my mentality. It’s a bit like the big brother of the RAF.”

With a player, Téji Savanier, who strikes a chord with an attacker whose mother once worked in contact with the Montpellier gypsy community. “She took me in the stroller to the Cité Gély, she told me about guitars and everything that goes with them. That’s also why I love Téji. I find myself in his simplicity. They call me “the Gypsy” everywhere I go, I play pétanque. And then, I too happened to go to see an L1 match the day before one of our matches where I scored”, he laughs. Without thinking about these mazes that he also shares with the genius of the Gély city.



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