middle school students create a monumental work… in knitting

middle school students create a monumental work… in knitting
middle school students create a monumental work… in knitting

It is a project as ambitious as it is unusual: a monumental work in knitting and pompoms, made in particular by college students from Forges-les-Eaux (Seine-Maritime), will be unveiled on July 5 in Dieppe, during the passage of the Olympic flame. Discovery.

It’s a peak, it’s a cape, nay, it’s a peninsula! The knitted work imagined for the passage of the Olympic flame in Dieppe will be… monumental. For the visual artist behind this project, the objective is to collect and assemble a million pieces of colorful wool. The result will be a huge 20 m2 room made up of the flags of the countries participating in the Paris Olympic Games!

Watch E’s report. Partouche and O. Flavien, with interviews with Elodie Breton, teacher at the Saint-Exupéry college in Forges-les-Eaux, and Mathilde Milot, director of the Citémômes association:

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A knitted work made in Forges-les-Eaux

©E. Partouche / France Télévisions

To achieve such a feat, it is necessary to mobilize strong forces… Like these college students from Forges-les-Eaux. The work is meticulous: each square is sewn to form the flags.

Tedious and outdated, knitting? Not for these young students, who tackle it with enthusiasm. “It reminds me of my great grandmother“, confides Enzo, enrolled in 6th grade. “She did that, and I continue!” “When people told me about this, the Olympic Games started to interest me“, explains Maxime, in 5th grade.

We are going to contribute to a global event, which greatly enhances the students!

Elodie Breton, teacher

at France 3 Normandy


The students enjoy the activity.

© O. Flavien / France Télévisions

For these middle school students enrolled in SEGPA, a section adapted to their learning difficulties, this artistic project also allows them to progress outside the usual school setting.

We have developed skills that need to be worked on in our students with special educational needs: fine motor skills, commitment to a project, self-confidence… The fact of being several people in this project erases the differences and the difficulties“, rejoices Elodie Breton, specialist teacher at Saint-Exupéry college in Forges-les-Eaux.

The artist behind this collective work hopes to collect one million pompoms and knitting squares. An intergenerational project that mobilizes 10,000 participants aged 2 to 104.

When we go to nursing homes and talk about the project by saying ‘yesterday, we were in a college’, it rejuvenates a little, it gives a little punch“, laughs Mathilde Milot, director of the Citémômes association and founder of “Tricote un smile”.People say to themselves that ultimately, they are doing the same thing as a 12-year-old schoolboy.

Only part of the work has been revealed. She will decorate Dieppe beach on July 5. A little more patience, therefore, to discover it. And know that you too can participate!



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