“Everything has to be paid for and it’s time to add up”: FC Lorient supporters unleashed after relegation

“What should have happened happened.” Like Sylvain, many of them, on social networks, expected the relegation of FC Lorient to Ligue 2, this Sunday, May 19, 2024. “This maintenance is impossible and it is before that we had to worry about it. Everything has to be paid for and now it’s time for the bill,” asserts Hervé. Before kick-off, the supporter predicted, with irony: “5-0 for Lorient, Paris beats Metz 3-0 and after, the marmots will stop putting the chocolate in the foil”. Winners of Clermont by five goals to zero, the Merlus were not that far from the feat!

One goal from the miracle

This is what enrages Kaizer: “We were just missing a Lorient or Parisian goal to play the play-off match! “. Most agree on one point: “What a crazy match!” » “Lorient did the job but a little late,” regrets André. “We didn’t have to wait until the last day to show up,” adds Amady. “It’s a bit like travelers who run when they see the train leaving,” laughs Patrick.

For Florent, “the explanation can be summed up in three words: Régis Le Bris”, the FC Lorient coach who arrived at the stadium to the whistles. “Le Bris may have made mistakes but he’s not the one on the pitch,” retorts Michel.

Under pressure from the Ultras, who came to express their discontent, the bus carrying the FCL players which was to position itself in front of the main entrance to the stadium where many supporters were waiting for it, was forced to stop at gate C (Stéphane Guihéneuf/Le Télégramme)

“Sore losers”

There are others who are under fire from criticism this Monday: the Merlus Ultras, who boycotted the first fifteen minutes of the match before returning to their stand with the support of vehement fans. “Great mentality to turn your back rather than support,” says Emma. “They might have achieved the feat if they had received a better reception! Well done supporters! », plagues Véronique. “I call them bad losers,” says Vincent.

Loïc, for his part, supports the action: “It was the entire match that had to be boycotted. Playing in an empty stadium for their last in Ligue 1 would mark them for life and make them aware of the waste made this season.

The Merlus Ultras deserted the South Tribune at the start of the match, Sunday May 19, 2024. (Stéphane Guihéneuf/Le Télégramme)

“Lorient will bounce back”

All that remains for the supporters is to swallow their disappointment and move forward. “Lorient will bounce back,” assures Rory. Amady is impatiently awaiting “the Lorient-Guingamp derbies”. “I remain loyal to my team! Of course sad for them but I am sure that they will return to Ligue 1”, hopes Manou, to whom we will leave the final word: “Hope keeps us moving forward”.



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