The results of the weekend: The French shone on all fronts

The results of the weekend: The French shone on all fronts
The results of the weekend: The French shone on all fronts

French athletics have had a crazy last three days. After Teuraiterai Tupaia’s French javelin record on Friday, the discoboles distinguished themselves on Saturday in Martinique, notably with the incredible Olympic minimums of Tom Reux. Four other Blues achieved the performance requested for Paris during the weekend: Pauline Stey on 20 km walk, Aurel Manga and Raphael Mohamed on 110 m hurdles, and Djilali Bedrani on 3000 m steeplechase. Also worth noting: Azeddine Habz’s victory over 1500 m in the Diamond League in Marrakech.

Jumps and throws
Reux and the discoboles panic the decameter

The French discus throwers offered a historic competition in Fort-de-France (Martinique) on Saturday evening. Tom Reux (Athletic Club Bretillien) exploded his record by more than six meters to win with 67.91 m during the Martinique meeting, the first premium stage of the Crédit Mutuel Athlé Tour. He becomes the second best French performer of all time behind French record holder Jean-Claude Retel (68.90 m) and achieves the minimum for the Paris Olympic Games (67.20 m). Lolassonn Djouhan (Martigues Sport Athlé) came very close to improving its reference mark with 66.33 m. He consoles himself with the minimums for the Europe of Rome (65.20 m). Personal best for Jordan Guehaseim (SCO Sainte-Marguerite Marseille) with 63.96 m (former RP: 62.90 m).

In Montgeron on Sunday, during the second Premium meeting of the summer, Mélina Robert-Michon sent his disc to 60.61 m. On the same stadium, 19.29 m for Stephen Louis Mailagi (Entente Ouest Athlé 13) by weight. The day before in Chorzow (Poland), the hammer throwers Quentin Bigot (Athlétisme Metz Métropole) and Alexandra Tavernier (Entente Savoie Athlé) had achieved respective throws of 74.10 m and 69.02 m.

In the jumps, Ilionis Guillaume (Stade Bordelais) fell to 14.05 m in the triple jump in Martinique. Return to 6.51 m for Hilary Kpatcha (Grand Toulouse Athletics) at length in Poland. Three centimeters better for Angélica Berriot (EFS Reims) in Limassol (Cyprus) on Friday, whose 6.54 m (zero wind) are only one centimeter from her personal best. For its first participation in a stage of the Diamond League, Alix Dehaynain (Lille Métropole Athlétisme) took 5th place on Sunday in Marrakech (Morocco) with 4.45 m.

Middle distance and walking
Habz winner in Diamond League

Azeddine Habz completed a 1500m pattern in Marrakech for his return to school and won in 3’32”86. The half-distance runner from Val d’Europe Montevrain Athlétisme was well ahead of the British George Mills (3’33”47) and Elliot Giles (3’33”50). Mehdi Baala was until then the last Frenchman to have dominated the 1500m debates in the Diamond League. It was in Monaco in 2009.

No victory for Yanis Meziane (Athlé 91) over 800 m but a superb start, with a third place in 1’44”13 behind the Kenyans Emmanuel Vanyonyi (1’43”84) and Wyclife Kinyamal (1’43”98). No Frenchman had ever started his season so strongly on the double lap. Other very good news in Morocco: the Olympic minimums on 3000 m steeplechase Djilali Bedraniwho confirms his return to the highest level with a time of 8’13”73 (7th), better than the 8’15”00 requested for Paris. Nicolas-Marie Daru (AL chirolles) did not come far from imitating him in Chorzow, with a new reference time established in 8’16”’36. Still in Poland, the 4’04”27 over 1500 mAgathe Guillemot (Haute Bretagne Athletics), the start of the school year Gabriel Tual (US Talence) over 800 m in 1’46”27, and the 2’00”99 ofAgnes Raharolahy (Nantes Métropole Athlétisme) are to be noted.

The 10,000m specialists distinguished themselves during the meeting dedicated to this distance on Saturday in London, in a fiery atmosphere. Felix Bour (Racing Multi Athlon), Valentin Gondouin (EA Mondeville) and Simon Bedard (Athlé du Pays de Vannes) all three beat their personal best. The first, crowned French champion in Pacé at the beginning of May, gained more than ten seconds to cross the finish line in 27’27”11. Same joy for the Norman and the Breton, who finished in 27’41”37 and 27’42”72 respectively. In Rehlingen (Germany), European minimums confirmed over 1500 m for Romain Mornet (AC Roche-sur-Yon) in 3’35”46.

The French women’s march is still in turmoil. Pauline Stey distinguished herself during the 20 km of La Coruña (Spain) by placing 10th in 1h29’07”, a thirteen second margin over the Olympic minimums. The member of Alsace Nord Athlétisme gains more than 40 seconds compared to her old record, which only dates back to April 6 (1h29’49” in Podebrady). She is the second French woman to achieve the minimums over the distance, after Clémence Beretta who raised her own French record to 1h28’44” earlier in the year. For men, no minimum for Kevin Campion (Stade Dieppois) with a time of 1h22’25”, after taking a two-minute penalty.

Sprint and hurdles
Manga and Mohamed take part in the 110m hurdles dance

We have known for a long time that the 110m hurdles of the French Elite Championships in Angers risks being one of the hottest events of the competition, having the appearance of an American-style Trials. The Montgeron meeting confirmed it, with two new Olympic minimums. They were the work ofAurel Manga and the chef’s surprise, Raphael Mohamed. In a final dominated by the Belgian Michael Obasuyi in 13”20 (+1.7), Belgian record, ahead of the Briton Andrew Pozzi (13”23), the member of US Créteil and the hurdler of Racing Club de Mamoudzou respectively ranked 3rd and 4th in 13”24 and 13”27. That is, for this last performance, the minimums for Paris to the nearest hundredth. Also note the minimums for the Europe of Rome in series for Romain Lecoeur (Stade Sottevillais 76) in 13”46, again exactly the performance requested.

On the feminine high hurdles, Cyrena Samba-Mayela (Lille Métropole Athlétisme) continues to string together world-class times, with 12”63 against the wind (-1.1) in Los Angeles on Saturday. Over the same distance, 12”97 (+2.0) for Laeticia Bapté (US Robert) in Fort-de-France, as well as 13”05 (+2.0) for Sacha Alessandrini (Nice Côte d’Azur Athlétisme) and 13”06 (+0.2) for Judy Chalcou (ASC Siroco) in Montgeron.

On the plate, Gémima Joseph (Rou Kou) confirms the milestone reached this summer with 11”07 (+0.5) on the straight during the Martinique meeting, three hundredths of his record. New reference time in 11”35 (+1.2) for Sarah Richard Mingas (Entente Franconville Cesame Val d’Oise) in Montgeron. U-turn side of the track, Hélène Parisot confirmed that we should count on her this summer, by placing 3rd in Marrakech in 23”02, against the wind (-1.0) and only two tenths behind the winner, the Jamaican
Shericka Jackson (22”82).

Among the men, the EFCVO sprinter Yoran Kabengele Kabala never stops progressing. In 10”26 (+1.2), he beat his record by four hundredths on the straight in Montgeron. Aymeric Priam (Racing Club Martinique) went a hundredth faster in Fort-de-France in 10”25 (-0.1), a reference time which goes down by two hundredths. At the same location, Sounkamba Sylla (Laval Agglo Athlé 53) and hope Alexe Deau (ASA Maisons-Alfort) completed their lap in 52”47 and 52”69 respectively. The U23 Benedetta Kouakou (Vallée De La Marne Athlétisme 77) went a little faster on Friday in Fontainebleau, with a record lowered to 52”61. Over the same distance but with obstacles, 56”35 for Camille Seri (Nice Côte d’Azur Athletics) in Chorzow.

Photo: © Jean-Luc Juvin / Stadion / FFA



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