The Belgians at the Paris 2024 Games: between hope and despair…

The Belgians at the Paris 2024 Games: between hope and despair…
The Belgians at the Paris 2024 Games: between hope and despair…

Many Belgians were or are engaged in the race for Olympic qualification this Pentecost weekend. Here is the situation in five sports: rowing, climbing, breakdancing, table tennis and 3×3 basketball. Between hope and despair…


Tristan Vandenbusche And Aaron Andries (double couple) as well as Mazarine Guilbert (skiff) qualified for the semi-finals of the Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne. Our rowers will try, on Monday, to rank among the first three in their “half” to reach the final HAS. Tristan Vandenbussche from Bruges and Aaron Andries from Ghent finished third in their series, in 6:28.76. Only two Olympic tickets will be awarded in the final HAS. Ghent’s Mazarine Guilbert ranked second in her series, in 7:48.71. Its “half” is scheduled for Monday, the final HAS, offering three Olympic tickets, will take place on Tuesday. Belgium already has Tim Brys in single sculls as well as the duo Niels Van Zandweghe And Tibo Vyvey in two light weight pairs.


Hannes Van Duysen finished sixth in the combined final, “boulder” and “lead”, at the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Shanghai. The 19-year-old from Ghent totaled 94.6 pts. On Saturday, he took third place in the “half” with 116.3 pts. On Sunday, Hannes scored 34.5 pts in “block” and 60.1 pts in “lead”. Also entered in the semi-final, Nicolas Collin was eliminated with an 11th place. Only the top 8 had access to the final. Simon Lorenzi And Chloe Caulier had not made it through qualifying, both finishing 25th while the top 20 was retaken. At the end of this TQO and that of Budapest (June 20 to 23), the ten climbers having accumulated the most points will obtain their Olympic ticket.

Break dance

None of the five Belgians failed to make it past the second round at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Shanghai. On the men’s side, Dimitrios Grigoriu, alias “Mighty Jimm”, 25th, “Cis” Backelijau, 27th, and Tiromana Tupae, alias “Tirock”, 28th, were among the top 32 called to compete in the “battles”. The breakers challenge each other to two performances rated by the judges according to five criteria (technique, variety, originality, execution, musicality). But our three representatives were beaten. Ditto, on the women’s side, for “Camine” Van Hoof, 26th, and Maxime “Madmax” Blieck, 29th, in the preliminary round, but then eliminated during the “battles”. See you from June 20 to 23, in Budapest, for the second TQO, where ten Olympic tickets will be awarded.

Table tennis

Martin Allegro And Cédric Nuytinck gave the best of themselves, but both were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Sarajevo, divided into two parts. Excluded from the final table, the Belgians were drafted into the secondary table, with direct elimination. There, Martin Allegro beat the Romanian Ionescu (4-2), then the Austrian Levenko (4-3) after saving several match points! But the Belgian n°1 was, unfortunately, knocked out by the Hungarian Szudi with a score of 3-4 (11-9, 10-12, 11-4, 11-7, 8-11, 7-11, 10- 12). For his part, Cédric Nuytinck had dismissed the Italian Bobocica (4-0), then the Pole Kulczycki (4-2) before falling against the Ukrainian Zhmudenko with a score of 0-4 (5-11, 7- 11, 10-12, 3-11). The world ranking will determine the last Olympic qualifier.

3×3 basketball

Three years of preparation and… three defeats during the Olympic Qualification Tournament! Belgium will not participate in the Paris Games in 3×3 basketball. A tragedy for our four players in Debrecen. Thibaut Vervoort, Bryan De Valck, Jonas Foerts And Dennis Donkor gave everything in their third match, against Poland. But it won with a score of 19-20. As against Mongolia, the Belgians took the advantage (6-2, then 9-6), but the robust Poles came back each time and even took the upper hand (9-11, 12-15, 14 -16). The tension was extreme given the stakes for both countries. The Belgians led again (17-16, 19-17), but ended up breaking. Huge disappointment! Beaten in its first two group matches, the Belgian national 3×3 basketball team no longer had its fate in its hands for the Paris Games.

Dennis Donkor and Bryan De Valck.

Judo: Jorre Verstraeten was beaten by the world no. 1 in Abu Dhabi!



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