Sports retirement of Stade Lavallois defender Kevin Perrot: “I couldn’t miss this opportunity”

Sports retirement of Stade Lavallois defender Kevin Perrot: “I couldn’t miss this opportunity”
Sports retirement of Stade Lavallois defender Kevin Perrot: “I couldn’t miss this opportunity”

Kevin Perrot will swap his crampons for a laptop. The Stade Lavallois defender will become team manager of the Mayenne team from July 1. After 14 seasons in Ligue 2 and National, and at 35 years old, the Laval resident felt that it was the right time. Kevin Perrot took a few moments after a week full of emotions.

France Bleu Mayenne: You announced the end of your career last week. How have the last few days been?

Kévin Perrot: Yes, that’s it, the circle is closed. The last eight days have been filled with emotion. There was the ovation after the match against Troyes, then my last training sessions this week. Not always easy to live with, but I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few weeks.

Now that your career is over, do you realize that you have left your mark on the Stade Lavallois club?

No, I don’t really realize it yet, but I think it’s when it’s really the holidays or the start of next season that I’ll realize that it’s well and truly over. That being said, I had already started to remember the whole thread of my career and what I had been through. It’s extremely positive and I’m very, very happy with what I did.

You join the club of players who have marked the history of Stade Lavallois, for what reason do you think?

I think it’s because I’ve been loyal to my club. I think there is this loyal side that the supporters liked about me and also the player that I brought out on the pitch. In fact, they saw that I have always respected this club, that I have always worn the jersey and therefore for them, I am important. And for the club, I still made 253 matches, that’s not nothing in a career. So I think that’s why I joined the closed circle of the former glories of Stade Lavallois (smile).

This tribute that you had ten days ago at Le Basser, was it very emotional?

The magnificent side of this moment is the recognition of the supporters, I think. We also do this job to have recognition and to have had so much recognition from Laval supporters, that touched me. I honestly didn’t think I would have that many. And then, there is this song which is dedicated to me, it gives a little extra edge. And I hope the fans continue to sing it. That will mean they still think about me. In any case, this moment at the stadium was magnificent.

And then, you are from Mayen, you were born in Laval, is that something extra?

Yes, that certainly played a role. When we are from Mayen, Laval by birth, the Stade Lavallois club means a lot to us in the city. It is the flagship club, the elite club of the city. Kid, we all want to return to Stade Lavallois, that’s the goal. So that’s why, to have been able to spend my entire career at Stade Lavallois, it’s crazy. You don’t even realize the pride I have and the honor I have had to be able to represent this institution.

Your sporting career, therefore, at Stade Lavallois. And now your professional career too, which will continue in this same club?

Yes, the story continues. I thank President Lairy for making this proposal to me. It’s a great opportunity. We know that retraining is the most difficult thing after a football career. So, I was lucky to have this opportunity. I stay in an environment that I know, that I even know very well, so it will make things easier for me to enter the world of work, because it will be another challenge. But it’s going to be interesting.

How did you imagine your reconversion?

We ask ourselves a lot of questions when we think about retraining. I perhaps saw myself more on the field, an educator or a coach, because it’s something that I know, that I have mastered. And when the president offered me this team manager position, I inquired about the position and it’s a varied job. We have to do a lot of things on the organizational side. This is going to be something very rewarding for me and I can’t wait for it to begin.

What will your be exactly?

I will therefore manage the entire organizational part of the matches with the reservations for away matches. ensure that everything is ready in the locker rooms during matches. There is also the daily life of the players, taking care of the new ones when they arrive. But I’m not their nanny either. I am not a concierge.

And football, will you continue to practice?

I still want to play because I still have the legs. And if I can still be of service to a club in Mayen, it will be with pleasure. We will see in the coming weeks.

No need to take a break?

No, the physical condition is there. And I think that I haven’t reached the end of what I could bring to football in the end. So, I still want to continue without taking a break.

You are going to celebrate your 35th birthday, would you like to have one or two more years as a professional?

Yes, I would have liked to. I could have continued, left Laval, and played for example in the National. But, I made a family choice. Now I also have to think about my family. And then, the opportunity was too important, too precious to refuse. Retraining is something difficult and I didn’t want to miss out on that.



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