DIRECT. Montpellier – Toulouse: a stratospheric first act with seven tries scored, follow the match!

DIRECT. Montpellier – Toulouse: a stratospheric first act with seven tries scored, follow the match!
DIRECT. Montpellier – Toulouse: a stratospheric first act with seven tries scored, follow the match!

A week before the Champions Cup final against Leinster, Stade Toulousain travels to Montpellier as part of the 24th day of Top 14. After the first half marked by seven tries, the MHR came back to within four points of Toulousains . Follow the match live.

16:08 – The MHR is gaining ground

While Stade Toulousain has had possession of the ball for more than a minute, the Montpellier defense gains precious meters forty meters from its in-goal.

16:06 – Toulouse residents sanctioned

In the first scrum of the second half, Adrien Marbot punishes the Montpellier pack.

16:04 – Two changes

For the MHR, the two second line players came out: Chalureau and Verhaeghe were replaced. Duguid and Bécognée came into play.

16:02 – Here we go again!

Baptiste Germain kicks off the second act.

15:48 – The double for Reinach (22-26, 41st)

What a first half! After the siren, Auguste Cadot finds the fault and serves Tisseron. The ball ends up in the hands of Reinach who flattens it. Coly transforms and allows the MHR to return to four points

3:46 p.m. – The siren sounds

After a touch from Montpellier, the siren sounded in Montpellier.

15:45 – Penalty against Toulouse

After superb hooks from Germain then Bituniyata, Adrien Marbot punishes Fa’asalele for a tackle without the ball.

15:44 – Coly in a hurry

In his 22 meters, Léo Coly plays the opposing defenders before finally clearing.

15:43 – Coly corrects the sights (15-26, 37th)

After a failure on Montpellier’s second try, Léo Coly scores the penalty.

15:42 – Simple penalty

After watching the video, Adrien Marbot whistles a simple penalty.

15:41 – Video refereeing

After a stoppage in play, Adrien Marbot requests video refereeing for a tackle by Fa’asalele on Serfontein. The Montpellier center remains on the ground.

3:40 p.m. – Germain clears

Crazy match at GGL Stadium! Baptiste Germain clears his camp at the last minute.

15:37 – Reinach does not give up! (12-26, 32nd)

The MHR has not said its last word! After a wave from Toulouse, the Montpellier residents found the fault and Reinach flattened in the opposing goal despite a return. Coly does not transform.

3:35 p.m. – Fourth try! (7-26, 31st)

After a kick which hit the goal post, Ngandebe pushed the ball into touch in front of Bituniyata. On the throw, Bituniyata scored Toulouse’s fourth try, synonymous with a temporary offensive bonus. On transformation, Baptiste Germain sets the sights.

15:31 – The double for Castro-Ferreira! (7-19, 27th)

Third try for Stade Toulousain after 26 minutes of play. Tolofua’s throw into touch is too long. Cramont recovers and pounds the Montpellier goal line. After several waves, the ball comes out for Mathis Castro-Ferreira who scores his second try today. Baptiste Germain crosses his attempt too much.

15:29 – Bituniyata pushed into touch

Excellent defense from Montpellier on Bituniyata! Found on the left wing, the second Toulouse marker was pushed into touch. The MHR can restart.

15:27 – The MHR still sanctioned

On a Toulouse sideline, the MHR collapses the maul. The referee makes the mistake again. Baptiste Germain finds a touch on the right in front of the 22 meters.

3:25 p.m. – Montpellier residents blame themselves!

While the MHR is obliged to win today to hope to be able to maintain itself, the Montpellier residents are imprecise. On a carried ball, Patrice Collazo’s players make a mistake with a forward. In the following scrum, Adrien Marbot whistles a penalty for Toulouse.

15:23 – Cramont sanctioned

Called to order several times by Adrien Marbot, Guillaume Cramont is penalized for “illicitly” scratching the ball.

15:22 – Capuozzo can restart

After a Toulouse foul, Léo Coly cannot find the touch and Ange Capuozzo easily restarts from 22 meters.

15:21 – Delpy comes out

Hit in the leg, Valentin Delpy was forced to leave to make way for Gourgues.

15:18 – Bituniyata in the goal (7-14, 16th)

What a rhythm in this meeting! After a long Toulouse offensive phase, Delpy makes a long pass to Bituniyata who finds himself in a one-on-one situation and hooks his opponent. The Toulouse winger flattens and scores Toulouse’s second try. It passes for Delpy.

15:16 – Toulouse within 22 meters

Two benefits in progress for Toulouse residents. After a nice combination, Barassi finds himself in the opposing 22 meters.

15:15 – Going into touch

The MHR recovers the leather after a push into touch. After the start of the game, Reinach recovers and clears his camp.

15:14 – Delpy on the ground

After a tackle from Reinach, Valentin Delpy remained on the ground and underwent some treatment. Baptiste Germain will look for the touchline.




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