“I wanted to hit hard from the start,” says Cédric Doumbé after his crushing victory

“I wanted to hit hard from the start,” says Cédric Doumbé after his crushing victory
“I wanted to hit hard from the start,” says Cédric Doumbé after his crushing victory


End of the evening at Bercy

Thank you everyone for following us for this Cédric Doumbé fight. A victory and a spectacle, against a second-rate opponent despite everything. But the Frenchman got back on track. The road is still long.


Who is Doumbé’s next opponent?

Contract fulfilled for Doumbé who regains a certain credibility after the hiccup against Baki.

He thus puts his trajectory back on track and should continue for his next fight with a renowned opponent in the person of Anthony Pettis, former UFC champion, who came to challenge him in the cage following his victory. .


Doumbé has resumed his march forward

The Frenchman, star of MMA in France (31 years old, 5 victories, 1 defeat), achieved the first stage of a rise in esteem and the world ranking this evening in Bercy.

Without hiding, offensive and ready to unleash his blows, he approached his fight in a completely different way compared to the one against Baki. For a profitable result. “The Best” is back. To be confirmed now.


Images of Doumbé’s knockout


Doumbé celebrates his victory

Cédric Doumbé enjoys and takes advantage of his victory to take photos with his family, also present in the cage. The Frenchman seems relieved, especially after his hiccup against Baki. The contract is fulfilled this evening. Victory in the 1st round, in an offensive style that we know. But the path is still far.


Doumbé warms up with Pettis

Anthony Pettis, Cédric Doumbé’s future opponent, has entered the cage and is demanding a fight in Paris. The Frenchman puts on a show: “is this guy crazy? Coming to fight me at home is crazy.”


Doumbé’s reaction

“I had a plan in mind, I wanted to hit hard from the start and I knew that he would do it too,” whispers the Frenchman on the microphone in front of a conquered Bercy audience. Vincent Cassel and Victor Wembanyama, in the front row, are over the moon.


Doumbé is all smiles

The Frenchman is acclaimed by the public at Bercy. He raises his arms and addresses the crowd. Contract fulfilled this evening after his hiccup in the last fight. Offensive, he never hid and finished his opponent in the first round.


KO 1st round, victory for Doumbé!!!

Willis is on the ground, KO! The referee stops the match at the first restart. Doumbé chained the blows and hit his opponent hard who was unable to do anything.


The shots fall, no waiting time

Both fighters are very offensive and return blows…


Doumbé touches Willis

The Frenchman touched the American who was delaying… Bercy was on fire behind Doumbé.


It’s going strong!

The fight starts strong between the two fighters. Little observation time. Willis sets the pace.


Great atmosphere in Bercy

Whistles for the American, cheers for the Frenchman. Let’s go for the fight!


Time for battle!

Doumbé and Willis face each other. The referee is waiting for them. Start of imminent combat.


Cédric Doumbé enters the track… and vacuums

With a smile and relaxed, Cédric Doumbé has just returned to the track. With the sound “Jaleel, you’re dead!”, pre-recorded and spat out from the speakers of Bercy. The show will start soon.

The Frenchman adds more, under Wembanyama’s smile, and vacuums before entering the cage. He’s here to clean up tonight. After words, it’s time for actions.


After Wembanyama, Cassel is also there this evening

Vincent Cassel is present, like last March 7 at the PFL to see Cédric Doumbé. The actor, a big fan of combat sports, is there at the edge of the cage.


Entrance under the whistles of Willis

The American, in a white t-shirt and shorts, enters the track and, unsurprisingly, he is whistled by the Bercy crowd. As a reminder, Willis is coming back from a knockout defeat.


The Bercy public is increasing pressure

Only a few minutes left before the two fighters enter the room…


Time for the Doumbé fight!

The fight preceding Doumbé-Willis has just ended. Let’s get down to business in a few minutes. The pressure is mounting. No more doubt, the French public is as hot as coals.


What is Jaleell Willis, Doumbé’s opponent, worth?

Facing Cédric Doumbé stands a fighter who has been familiar with MMA since he was 20, turning pro in 2014 at the age of 22. The American Jaleel Willis is an interesting fighter, very comfortable with his fist and skilled in the wrestling phases, even if he has little demonstrated it during his previous fights. An experienced and complete fighter, so much so that he is considered a favorite by the Americans.


The boss of Bellator already reveals Doumbé’s future opponent… if he wins at Bercy

Present at the microphone of DAZN, the boss of Bellator and the PFL, gave his feelings about the Parisian evening: “It’s an incredible atmosphere. Tonight is a big night, with one of the best fighters in the world, Cédric Doumbè.”

Before continuing: “How did we manage to convince Doumbè? He’s a kickboxing superstar, he came with a mission. When we signed him, he immediately told us that he wanted to put his opponent to bed, that he wanted to return to Paris.” He also opened the door to a fight between Doumbè and Anthony Pettis. The latter is also present in the room.

9:30 p.m.

Doumbé already has his plan in case of victory this evening

For Doumbé, a victory against Willis is essential. To win back the hearts of the French first, then to implement his plan for the world title, exposed at the Bellator microphone.

If he wins, Doumbé should be scheduled to face former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis in September, who is in attendance tonight. According to Cédric Doumbé, a victory against Pettis would then allow him to face Bellator champion Jason Jackson.

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Victor Wembanyama is in the mood at Bercy


One more fight and Doumbé will return to the cage

Only one more fight before Cédric Doumbé. It’s time for Gregory Babene to enter the cage. With a win tonight at Bellator Paris, the Frenchman will be placed first in line for his title shot.


Landu wins and warms up the audience

Complicated fight for Yves Landu. Victory in the difficulty of the Frenchman against the Brazilian Jonas Bilharinho who said he was surprised by the judges’ decision, thinking he had largely won. However, nothing stops the good humor of the fighter, doing a few somersaults before leaving the cage.


What goal for Doumbé this evening?

Finding victory inevitably. His quack against Baki is still in everyone’s memory. “ He wants to make an impression. We only had a month of preparation, which is not optimal but Cédric will be ready, promises David Foucher Figaro. We have a sport where enthusiasm and legitimacy vary depending on the results. By winning his fight on Friday, the fans will get back on the train.

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Wemby is here to see Doumbé

Victor Wembanyama is present this evening at the Accor Arena. The Frenchman, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, signs autographs and takes photos with the public. He will be eagerly awaited this summer with the basketball Blues to aim for a medal at the Olympics. This evening, he will be a spectator of the Doumbé fight.


Cédric Doumbé has arrived


Football atmosphere in Bercy

A group of fans, worthy of football stadium kapos, arrived near the cage. The chants resonate in favor of Yves Landu and are easily echoed by the entire Arena.


Another Frenchman sets the mood… while waiting for Doumbé

Big ovation for the entry of Yves Landu. The 37-year-old fighter, affiliated with Cyrille Diabaté’s Snake Team, puts on a show during his entry. This is the spark that was missing from this evening!


Doumbé’s opponent has arrived in Bercy


While waiting for Doumbé-Willis, the fighting continues

Total demonstration by Archie Colgan against the Frenchman Thibault Gouti, who suffered terrible damage during the three rounds of the fight. The American logically wins by unanimous decision.


What time is the Doumbé fight scheduled?

Considering the programming and the progress of the fights, the poster for the evening pitting the Frenchman against the American should take place around 10 p.m.


The mood rises nicely

Resumption of fights at the Accor Arena. Former UFC resident Thibault Gouti enters the Bellator cage. The Arena is soon full and the atmosphere heats up when the fighters are announced.


Short break at the Accor Arena

Small break at the Accor Arena with the victory of Tunisian Slim Trabelsi at the end of the preliminary card. The fateful hour is approaching. There are only three fights left before the arrival of Cédric Doumbé in the cage. Moment of freshness for the public. We were told it will resume in 30 minutes.


Did Doumbé make as much money as before the fight against Baki?

The enthusiasm around Cédric Doumbé demonstrated weaknesses during this fight week at Bellator Paris. Accor Arena seats were slow to sell out. First-price tickets were still on sale last night while places for the PFL Paris on March 7 sold out in 20 minutes.


Programming that questions

Oddity of the organization. After the first Frenchman, Bellator scheduled two fights in a row without French speakers. A period of one hour which cooled the room well.


What’s the atmosphere in Bercy?

The French crowd is already white hot, despite an Accor Arena which is struggling to fill up. Each French person is acclaimed while the adversaries are severely ridiculed. However, fans seem to be waiting for only one fighter: Cédric Doumbé. The star of the evening has been constantly acclaimed since the start of the event.


What about the other French people of the evening?

Full card for the French in the preliminary card. Asaël Adjoudja knocked out Bruno Fontes at the start of the evening while Mansour Barnaoui recycled his favorite choke to end a series of two defeats in a row.


Doumbé feels “in good shape”

I didn’t suffer any damage during the fight against Baki, I feel in good shape. I was frustrated with the outcome of the fight so I still had more to do», Explained the former kickboxing champion at a press conference. “I like fighting and it’s my activity that allows me to perform in the cage, I’m not a big fan of training.”


Reminder of the Doumbé-Baki facts

On March 7, Doumbé’s long-awaited fight against Baysangur “Baki” Chamsoudinov turned into a fiasco, ending in incomprehension after a surprising and contested decision by the referee.

The hostilities between two of the most popular French fighters started on high ground and in a heated atmosphere, but ended abruptly 21 seconds into the third round after Doumbé complained of a simple splinter in his foot…

Applying the rules to the letter, the referee stopped the fight, inflicting his first defeat in MMA on the former kickboxing champion. Result: big disappointment for the fans and immense frustration for the two rivals, left wanting.

Two and a half months later, the Frenchman, who still does not get angry with this decision, is already back in the cage to try to forget this episode.


Doumbé eagerly awaited after his hiccup

Cédric Doumbé returns to the cage of the Accor Arena in Paris on Friday against American fighter Jaleel Willis to try to forget the flop of his last fight against “Baki”, marked by the improbable affair of the splinter.


MMA returns to Paris

Good evening and welcome to everyone to follow the MMA evening in Bercy this evening with us. All eyes will be on Cédric Doumbé, back in the cage.

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