A victory without forcing, NHL players on a walk and a shutout for Schmid – rts.ch

A victory without forcing, NHL players on a walk and a shutout for Schmid – rts.ch
A victory without forcing, NHL players on a walk and a shutout for Schmid – rts.ch

Switzerland took a big step towards the quarter-finals of the 2024 World Cup thanks to their quiet 3-0 victory against Great Britain. The Helvetii did not have to force their talent, but they did not try to do so either. Akira Schmid earned a shutout in his first start.

IMBALANCE Switzerland was very much favorite on paper and both teams knew it perfectly, which resulted in a match played at a less committed pace than the previous ones. The Helvetii dominated the initial period head and shoulders, completely asphyxiating Team GB during the first six minutes thanks in particular to the “North Americans”, whose superiority in all areas was quickly evident.

It was also during this sequence of possession that Nico Hischier opened the scoring, who victoriously took a pass from Roman Josi (4th). Switzerland had then been installed for two minutes in the British camp and was even able to grant itself the luxury of changing part of its personnel while maintaining pressure on the opposing cage.

DOMINATION The rest of the match followed a similar pattern, especially after Dean Kukan pierced goalkeeper Jackson Whistle, whose unsteady mitt gave Patrick Fischer’s team a double advantage. The Helvetians sent 14 shots on target towards the British cage in the first third alone, compared to only two received by Akira Schmid. The trend continued like this throughout the match, with a total of 30 shots to 15 in favor of Switzerland. A sign that Patrick Fischer’s squad did not really have to fight to win, Roman Josi’s playing time remained below 20 minutes (19’40), like the rest of his team. .

IN IDLE Was it the lack of sporting significance of the match or the contrast with the spectacular victory (7-4) of the Czech Republic against Denmark an hour before in front of a melting audience? In any case, the game took place at a false pace, to the extent that Switzerland seemed less concentrated than usual. For their part, the British only really got into the game in the second third, without managing to seal the match either.

The atmosphere was logically felt, despite a still large audience (15,239 spectators), especially since the Helvetians above all seemed to want to avoid any risk of injury and save their strength for the next matches which will otherwise be more decisive.

POLES Switzerland could have won more widely, but both Dario Simion (11th) and Sven Senteler (29th) found Jackson Whistle’s posts, while Kevin Fiala came up against the Belfast Giants goalkeeper on a penalty shot ( 2nd). Nino Niederreiter was more successful, as his attempt also hit the post, but then came back to the British goalkeeper before finishing in the back of the net. Scored in a power play (38th), this 3-0 definitively dampened the last hopes of Team GB, while allowing Roman Josi and Kevin Fiala to collect their second personal point of the evening.

LAUNDRY Established for the first time in a World Cup for only his third selection, Akira Schmid perfectly met the expectations placed on him by signing his first shutout at this level. Although he only received 15 shots, the 24-year-old Bernese still had the opportunity to shine on a few occasions. The New Jersey goalkeeper was notably very solid twice in the 22nd. He also took advantage of his 95 meter height to put on his long leg warmer in opposition to a British duo who left to confront him at the end of the second third (40th).

In the absence of Reto Berra, slightly injured against Austria and spared by the Swiss staff, the former Langnau junior demonstrated that Patrick Fischer was right to select him as third goalkeeper this year and that he could count on him when needed.

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