The Geneva Open is in contact with Novak Djokovic

The Geneva Open is in contact with Novak Djokovic

Published today at 2:57 p.m.

Will we see Novak Djokovic (ATP 1) set foot on the clay court of Eaux-Vives for the first time? What might have seemed utopian just a few weeks ago is no longer really so. The 36-year-old Serbian has still not won a single tournament this year and remains in an early elimination at the Masters 1000 in Rome. The world number one needs to regain confidence before Roland-Garros.

By means of one of the two remaining invitations (the first was awarded to Andy Murray), the Geneva Open dreams of attracting the best player in history but does not want to create false hopes among its public. “We are in contact with Novak Djokovic as with many other players in the Top 50,” confirms Thierry Grin, tournament director. We cannot make further comments at this stage.”

Novak Djokovic has yet to win a title in 2024.

And financially? Is there an additional envelope to attract and convince this type of player? “This is confidential information, but you should know that in this type of case, the financial aspect is not a priority for the players,” underlines Thierry Grin. They don’t come for the money but for the desire to play matches.”

Will Stan Wawrinka be there?

The organizers and the public are also hoping for the presence of Stan Wawrinka (ATP 87). The Vaudois has no longer participated in the Geneva Open, which he won in 2016 and 2017, since 2019. “He is not one of the players who requested a wild card,” explains Thierry Grin. There are discussions with Stan and if he wants an invitation, he will get one.

Stan Wawrinka won the Geneva Open in 2017.

If the Geneva Open dreams come true, the three invitations will be given to three multiple Grand Slam winners.

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