Olympic Games 2024. Resale of tickets, donations, QR code… Everything you need to know about the “Paris 2024 tickets” application

Have you not yet managed to secure tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11)? With only 72 days until the start of the event, you still have the opportunity to obtain the precious tickets to attend the Olympic trials of the major sporting event of the summer. This Wednesday, May 15, at 11 a.m., the organizers launched the “Paris 2024 tickets” application.

This platform was set up in particular to fight against the illegal resale of tickets and the explosion of prices on the black market.

First feature: access your tickets

For the user, the application will have three major functions. First of all, its installation is essential to access your tickets and generate the associated QR code, a real pass for the Olympic sites. To do this, the procedure will be as follows: after downloading the application to their phone, the user will have to log in with their identifiers (the same as those used on the Paris 2024 website to purchase their tickets).

Thus, the user will then have access to all the test sessions for which they have already purchased their ticket. By clicking on the place in question, a secure QR code will be displayed as the event approaches and will allow access to the site. “This application can work offline, specifies Michaël Aloïsio, deputy general director of Paris 2024. The user will simply need to have accessed their session on the application once before. »

How to access your tickets on the “Paris 2024 tickets” application | PHOTO: PARIS 2024
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How to access your tickets on the “Paris 2024 tickets” application | PHOTO: PARIS 2024

The organizers also advise users to generate the QR code as late as possible, in order to avoid hacking. A QR code printed on a white sheet or a screenshot will not be accepted at the entrance to the sites, specifies the organization.

Second functionality: transfer your tickets to a loved one

Another major functionality of the application is that of transferring tickets already purchased to a loved one. To do this, the user must click on “transfer” for the ticket in question and select the sending method (email, WhatsApp, etc.) and the chosen contact. A download link will thus be sent to the beneficiary, who must click on “recover” via the “Paris 2024 tickets” application. The beneficiary will then only have to enter their first and last name, accept the general conditions of use and the ticket will be available from their personal space. Please note that the recipient of a ticket can only return it to the original purchaser. “A way to avoid cascading transfers”specify the organizers.

Third functionality: resell or buy tickets on the resale platform

Finally, the application will also offer an official ticket resale space. To do this, the purchaser will have to go directly to their ticket list. He will have to select where the tickets are to be resold and these will be directly online.

How to resell your tickets on the “Paris 2024 tickets” application. | PHOTO: PARIS 2024
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How to resell your tickets on the “Paris 2024 tickets” application. | PHOTO: PARIS 2024

The price of the ticket on the resale platform is automatically set in relation to the purchase price. A service fee of around 5% will be applied and will therefore significantly increase the initial price for those wishing to purchase the ticket. All tickets from packs may be resold individually with the exception of children’s tickets without adult tickets (family offer) or accompanying tickets without PSH (persons with disabilities) or PFR (wheelchair seats) tickets which refer to it.

Already more than 8 million tickets sold to date

Concerning the reimbursement of places sold, the organization commits to a maximum period of 45 days for the transfer. Also note that a person who buys a place on the resale platform can in turn transfer it or resell it via the application.

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Each ticket may be resold at the latest up to 12 hours before the start of the session to which it gives access.

Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will only be available on the app from mid-June.

To date, 8.2 million tickets have been sold for the Olympics, along with 900,000 tickets for the Paralympics.



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