Around ten pre-convened premises

Around ten pre-convened premises
Around ten pre-convened premises

The countdown to the start of June camp and the resumption of World Cup qualifying has begun. Less than 20 days separate us from the arrival of the players at the CTN to prepare for the matches against Guinea and Uganda and the national coach seems to already have an idea of ​​the component of his group, with already a precise idea on each of his players, compared to the previous course.

Sources close to the staff say that there will be no more than 25 players, or 7 fewer than in March. Petkovic does not want to create disorder in his group, especially since he had an idea about most of the elements selected 2 months ago, only, some modifications will be made, whether in the component of the group, or even in some bad old habits.

The tour of the staff on the fields of Algerian clubs allowed the coach to know certain things better, he followed matches and drew up a list of players. In addition to Madani who has already received his preselection, there would be elements like the Usmists Belaïd and Bounacer, but also other elements like the inevitable Belaïli, but what attracts attention is the mode of operation adopted by the selector to rehabilitate the premises.

On an equal footing

The Bosnian coach therefore decided, for the first time in a long time, to draw up 2 pre-lists instead of one, the first is the one that everyone knows, namely that of the pros, it would be made up of 35 players, Petkovic then decided to put his mark and innovate, by launching the pre-list of locals, the latter will be made up of around ten players, which gives us a total of 45 to 50 players in all. It is therefore with this new mode of operation that Madani has already received a notice at his club level, almost 3 weeks before the course, whereas before, Belmadi, for example, kept the list of premises well warm at home, to act as a spare wheel, the players received their summons the day before or two days before the start of the course, and arrived downright unfit and poorly concentrated, which would explain their often approximate performance.

The former coaches drew on the ease that our clubs offer to the selection, since they do not require a summons 15 days before the training course, as is the case with foreign clubs, although they are also professional. This innovation, signed by Petkovic, will empower Madani, Benbot and other Belaïds by always putting them in a state of fitness to join the selection. They are informed, which will allow them to better manage their matches and their efforts as the training courses approach. Certainly their place is not guaranteed, but that is the aim of the maneuver too, because it will create a climate of competition between players playing in the same position.


The list of premises pre-retained at the moment is made up of several defenders like those we mentioned, but also attackers, Belaïli is one of them, he resurfaces after 5 months of absence. It must be said that in March, he was in bad shape, he was failed, but a visit by Petkovic to the CTN allowed him to see with his own eyes the abilities of the players, even confirm them, he who had the opportunity to view your matches beforehand. He wanted to be sure that it was the same player and the same predispositions, and obviously he got what he wanted, which explains this first return to the pre-list, while waiting for the final list which will be announced 3 or 4 days before the start of the course.

Mahrez and Slimani

In the long list of 35 pros we find a good surprise: the return of Ahli Jeddah striker Riyad Mahrez. After having missed the March training camp at his request, he who was still stunned by the sad CAN he had just completed with the Greens, he would make his comeback for this March training camp, he who still dreams of playing a Cup again of a world with EN. He thought carefully and understood that he still has things to give, Petkovic who does not want to wait too long for the player therefore decided to keep him in the pre-list, certainly to put pressure on him, because, even if the player decided to return, the two parties have still not communicated to ratify the summons, this should be done in the coming days. However, we know that the door remains open to Riyadh which has many challenges before it, that of proving that it is not dead, and why not achieving everything that it has not been able to do until now under the EN jersey. If for Riyadh things are going in the right direction. On the other hand, for his accomplice Islam Slimani, it is less so, since the Belgian championship player did not receive a pre-call, he should therefore not be there in June, this takes him a little further away from his garden and his slightly crazy goals, he who still dreams of another World Cup with EN and other goals to improve his stats.

Note that among the alumni who will not be part of the group in June, for the 2e time in a row, we find midfielder Feghouli and goalkeeper Raïs Mbolhi, who are heading straight towards international retirement.




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