Manchester City overcomes Tottenham and keeps their hands on the title – Premier League – J34 – Tottenham-Manchester City (0-2)

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Goals: Haaland (51e and 90e+1)

THE Citizens very quickly.

Manchester City had to wait until the locker room to finally find the fault at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – the first goal in the history of Skyblues in the den of Spurs in the Premier League. But nothing to slow down Pep Guardiola’s gang, which regained first place in the championship just before the last day and is heading towards a fourth consecutive coronation (0-1).

The first act is, however, a beautiful exercise in resistance for the Spurs, who can count on the occasion on the unexpected support of all Arsenal supporters, eager to witness a misstep from Manchester City. Guglielmo Vicario works ahead of Phil Foden (16e) or Kevin De Bruyne (47e), Radu Drăgușin makes an improbable save in front of the Englishman (45e), and Tottenham tries to attack on the counter, without success in the last gesture.

THE mano a mano finally turns to the advantage of the men from the north of the Kingdom thanks to Erling Haaland, put into orbit by a cross from De Bruyne (0-1, 51e). Entering in place of Ederson, victim of a head impact, Stefan Ortega intervenes perfectly against Dejan Kulusevski (71ste79e), then won his face-to-face with Son Heung-min (86e), and shatters the hopes of return of Spurs. Haaland even scores a late double on a penalty obtained by Jérémy Doku (0-2, 90e+1). It is therefore Manchester City who will have the match ball on Sunday, against West Ham, while Arsenal will have to beat Everton to still believe in it. For their part, Tottenham is losing all hope of the Champions League.

Great, another Premier League which will be played on the final day!



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