potential destinations in the NBA after the Draft Lottery

potential destinations in the NBA after the Draft Lottery
potential destinations in the NBA after the Draft Lottery

The Draft Lottery delivered its verdict last night. The Hawks are having a laugh, the Pistons are having a good time, and from East to West we have been closely following this ball of small balls, this Motus-style dance that brings rain and shine to the NBA every year. In the middle of all this three French people, who had probably set the alarm and who know this morning, more or less, what sauce they could be eaten with during the next Draft. Let’s say in any case that the funnel has shrunk quite a bit. Shall we take stock of Tidjane Salaün?

Announced in 14th position by ESPN in its mock draft carried out after the NBA Lottery, Tidjane Salaün has a very versatile profile which could interest teams well above this potential place at the end of the top 15. We therefore chose to carry out our analysis on the teams selecting from 8 to 15, because yes, the Spurs are doing so many weird things with Jeremy Sochan that we can imagine Tidjane arriving at their place at position 4 and doing well.

8) San Antonio Spurs

Thank you Raptors, you delight the basketball fans of San Antonio who will be able to benefit from a second Draft choice in the top 8 this year, in addition to the 4th. Two new prospects will therefore arrive in Texas, alongside Victor Wembanyama and Gregg Popovich, to play basketball. If the 4th choice will not concern Tidjane, we can however imagine, after successful Playoffs in Cholet then solid workouts at Spurs, that Salaün’s profile will appeal enough to the franchise for it to select him in 8th.

Tidjane with the Spurs, French connection with Wemby in the racket, and extremely interesting potential to develop for Pop’. Tidjane’s areas of progression are multiple, and if we won’t say right away that San Antonio is undoubtedly the best base for him (we don’t want to overlook it), we can on the other hand say that the fit is – on paper – downright hot. Player who knows how to step aside to better receive the balls, exceptional defensive qualities, 3-point shot which only needs to be polished to become a very dangerous weapon, and already interesting percussion capacity thanks to his strong physique. The tradition of team play among Spurs is also an advantage for perfecting his passing game, currently a “weak” point in his profile.

9) Memphis Grizzlies

Well placed in the Lottery somewhat in spite of themselves, the Grizzlies mainly landed here due to multiple injuries in the squad, and in particular that of Ja Morant. They therefore recover a 9th choice which can be kept or exchanged to strengthen the current team. Needs ? A position 3, a winger, a guy who plays between position 4 and position 2. Or, a promising position 5 who can help the Grizzlies defend themselves against the big teams in the West, equipped with elite players in the paint.

Basically, profiles that do not correspond to Tidjane’s qualities. Unlikely – in our opinion – to see the Grizzlies choose Tidjane unless another team absolutely wants to recover his profile and concludes an agreement with Memphis for an exchange immediately. A case far from rare considering the history of the Draft. And if Tidjane was ever chosen by the Grizz’, we would have to see him battle with a lot of players to make his mark. Not ideal.

10) Utah Jazz

A gloomy season as possible for Jazz, which did not really interest many people, and which is also rewarded with a pick which is not necessarily preferential. No need to elaborate much more with Utah, which already has an All-Star player at position 4 (Lauri Markkanen) and John Collins.

Not a place for Tidjane, in our opinion.. A selection would be synonymous with an exchange, almost certainly, since the notion of “best remaining player” should not yet concern the T’ – in the light of the mocks – for the place 10.

11) Chicago Bulls

Mythical team, lousy results. The Bulls don’t have much going for them other than a basketball team. The project doesn’t make much sense, the future is not particularly bright… In short, on the management side, it feels like a big kick in the anthill and the new kid who arrives in Illinois will potentially find there a real nice card to play when it comes to playing time.

Regarding Tidjane? The fit would be very good. Arturas Karnisovas himself traveled to Cholet to see the Mauges prodigy playing with his eyes, the sign of a certain interest. In Chicago, Tidjane could enjoy responsibilities, in a roster potentially largely overhauled and geared towards a year with bottom-of-the-table objectives. In any case, the Windy City racket is quite open and will leave room for the T’ to express itself with ball in hand.

12) Oklahoma City Thunder

Still in the Playoffs, with a real chance of being part of the Top 4 of the best teams in the League, the Thunder is still present in the Lottery, thanks to a pick acquired during the transfer of Russell Westbrook to the Rockets. Enough to strengthen the great nursery that is OKC a little more with an additional prospect… but does the team need it? Royal performances this season, objective victories and NBA titles to come next year. Would the 12th pick be a nice little bargaining chip to perfect this group a little?

If the Thunder nevertheless decides to keep their pick, it would not be a very good option to use it to select Tidjane. The team is complete, the racket secured for a minimum of 10 draws with Chet Holmgren at position 4 and 5, and there is no shortage of profiles alternating between the G League and the NBA in the paint to take minutes. Add another profile of this ilk? That’s a no here.

13) Sacramento Kings

Unlucky Western Play-in team, the Kings find themselves with a 13th Draft pick which they would have done without. However, now that it is in their possession, they will have to use it. The Kings’ season was rather regular, ending with a positive result but too short to make the Playoffs. The absence of Malik Monk at the end of the season hurts a lot at the time of the last rush, which could potentially have saved Sacramento from death week. Full staff, with a lot of people in the post 3-4 sector.

From the latest Lottery picks, the “value” aspect of the choice becomes less obvious to put forward in a potential exchange. This is why the Kings will undoubtedly have to add a player with the freshly arrived prospect in the event of a transfer. To see how Mike Brown wants to improve his squad, but if he leaves with the same ones, we must expect an obstacle course for Tidjane, who will find himself caught between the fires of Keegan Murray, Harrison Barnes and even Trey Lyles . The option to keep a choice such as Salaün would be a bad calculation for the Kings, who already have a similar profile that has already proven itself in the NBA in the person of Keegan.

14) Portland Trail Blazers

Last possible destination for Tidjane Salaün The chance of life meant that Scoot Henderson joined Portland last June, but the quantity (Henderson, Simons, Sharpe, Brogdon) was not synonymous with quality, the fault of numerous injuries and to Chauncey Billups who struggles not to hurt on the bench. Before returning to matches there is work to be done this summer…

Destination promised to Tidjane Salaün by the ESPN mock draft, not the best at all in terms of fit. Oregon’s young talents are certainly concentrated on the back line, and Portland should not put any particular resources into winning victories next year. Note, however, the presence of Jerami Grant and Toumani Camara, who occupy the 3/4 space and will be in competition with the rookie. Two complicated profiles to dislodge, even if nothing is impossible. In any case, we prefer to see Tidjane lower down here, but in a better situation to play.

Sources: Spotrac, ESPN



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