SM Caen. The women lose at CA Paris and are still chasing maintenance

SM Caen. The women lose at CA Paris and are still chasing maintenance
SM Caen. The women lose at CA Paris and are still chasing maintenance


Aline Chatel

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May 13, 2024 at 12:16 p.m.

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Their two previous outings, against La Croix Blanche d’Angers and La Roche-sur-Yon, had confirmed the newfound solidity of the Stade Malherbe Caen players. The Caennaises won 1-0, after losing by the same score against future champion Saint-Malo, but also Bréquigny and Roubaix, in March. If Caen was not the most spectacular on the offensive level, its defensive rigor allowed it to be in the match or to win.

They led 2-0…

Sunday May 12, 2024, the teammates of Canadian goalkeeper Stephania Turik encountered more difficulties against CA Paris, who however only gave them one place in the standings (4-2). They led 2-0 thanks to goals from Juliette Chotard, almost from midfield following a ball recovery, and Lisa Bugna in the first half hour of play. “We managed to create situations in the first half an hour, explains Chloé Charlot. Then the opponent gained the upper hand. »

Another victory to achieve

Doriane Pau revived Paris at the end of the first half. Karen Montgenie, who would score a hat-trick, equalized before the break. In the second half, the locals established their domination. “We have to be honest, we met an opponent superior to us. We weren’t able to put our game together in the second half. » Above all, the Weeders were less diligent.

We made three collective and individual errors to tip the scales to the other side.

Chloé Charlot, coach of SM Caen

The other results are rather favorable to Caen since Troyes won its first victory of the season against Angers, which remains two lengths behind the Normans. Saint-Denis, first relegated also on two points, lost 1-2 against Brest. Two teams will emerge from Caen, Angers and Saint-Denis at the end of the last two days.

Stade Malherbe will host Bourges (second), Sunday May 19, and will then go to Chatellerault (eleventh). At the same time, Angers will face La Roche (third) and CA Paris (seventh). Saint-Denis will be opposed to Roubaix (sixth) and Bréquigny (fifth). “We will have to get at least one victory in the last two matches. »

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