the “wingsuit” to fly like a bird over Normandy

the “wingsuit” to fly like a bird over Normandy
the “wingsuit” to fly like a bird over Normandy

Flying like a bird is the dream of many of us. Wingsuiting, a high-flying discipline, makes this dream accessible. In the clouds, 4000 meters above Dieppe, two enthusiasts introduce us to their sport.

It is an impressive discipline of which only a few top athletes have the secret. Jump into the void with the only way to fly is a thick web stretched between your arms and legs. Wingsuiting is a dangerous sport that is becoming more and more fascinating.

In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), Jérôme Hebert and Gilles N’Guyen practice wingsuiting. “We get out of the plane like a classic parachutist but we are equipped with these suits which will allow us to fly much longer than a classic parachutist who falls vertically. We will fly for 2 to 2 30 minutes“, says Jérôme.


Jérôme Hebert (left) and Gilles N’Guyen (right) prepare their wingsuit sails

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The discipline is demanding because the jump takes place at an altitude of 4000 meters. Before being able to fly like birds, applicants must have at least 150 flights under their belt to be able to train, but despite the experience, there is always a little apprehension. “I’m still stressed but I’m happy“, smiles Gilles a few minutes before boarding the plane.


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Wingsuit demonstration above Dieppe (Seine-Maritime)

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The passion for thrills is shared by a few hundred fans in France. Wingsuiting is an extremely dangerous sport; several accidents occur every year.

In September 2023, a man died in Isère, his sail was not deployed at the end of the fall.



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