Sporting Saint-Girons loses the first act but the curtain has not fallen

Sporting Saint-Girons loses the first act but the curtain has not fallen
Sporting Saint-Girons loses the first act but the curtain has not fallen

The match started badly for the Saint-Gironnais who, in the 3rd minute, conceded a try well brought in by the visiting third line. The full-back Vaquero, in a winger position, overwhelms the Couseranne defense and flattens between the

posts (0-7). The Couserannais reacted and, for around ten minutes, settled a few meters from the opposing line but were unable to score. The domination in the scrum, the incessant shelling of the forwards, the carried balls, nothing succeeded for the locals. With long kicks, the visitors returned to the Saint-Gironnais camp and even worsened the score with two penalties from Vaquero (19th, 33rd). Incredible, Sporting is trailing 0-13 at Luc. Caubère finally opened the scoring for the locals and half-time was whistled with a score of 3-13 in favor of Coarraze-Nay.

Upon returning from the locker room, the “Green Lions” revolt. The precision at the foot of Caubère allows them to come back to within 4 points of the visitors (9-13). But a new penalty and a corner try scored by volunteer winger Taillantou allowed Coarraze-Nay to keep their distance. The achievement at the foot of the posts of three-quarter center Durrieu, after a long domination of his forwards, could have opened the door to victory for the

Saint-Gironnais because there were still more than five minutes to play but the defense of Coarraze-Nay was, as throughout the match, terribly effective (16-21).

Next Sunday, the Saint-Gironnais will travel to Coarraze-Nay to erase this five-point deficit. If they play with the same conviction as in the second half, all

hopes are allowed.

saint-girons sc 16-us coarraze-nay 21

(MT: 3-13. Field referee: Mr. Quentin Sfez. Assistant referees: Messrs. Aurélien Souquet and Pierre Alquier. Federal representative: Ms. Martine Gabarrot.

For Saint-Girons: 1 try from Durrieu (75th); 1 transformation and 3 penalties (37th, 43rd, 50th) from Caubère.

For Coarraze-Nay: 2 tries from Vaquero (3rd) and Taillantou (61st); 1 transformation and 3 penalties (19th, 33rd, 54th) from Vaquero.

Evolution of the score: 0-7; 0-10; 0-13: 3-13/6-13; 9-13; 9-16; 9-21; 16-21.

SAINT-GIRONS SC.R. Gomes, T. Marcellin, B. Valente; C. Maurette, X. Pons; T. Rietbroek, J. Laberty, Y. Augistrou; G. Lazerges (m; cap.), P. Caubere (o); G. Prieto, R. Bocchese, J. Durrieu, N. Duba; K.Ammari. Substitutes: S. Roudière, L. Heymans, G. Seille, Q. Augistrou, B. Amardeilh, B. Lacroix; Mr. Bocchese.

US COARRAZE-NAY. Soubielle, Seville, Mirande; Vivcharyk, Labourdette; Uthurralt (cap.), Vignals, Ziegler-Mounaix; Apple (m), Latapie (o); Claverie, Alias, Ginesta, Taillantou; Vaquero. Substitutes: Maubras, Ladagnous-Sans, Moussu-Rizan, Espeluse, Mathieu, Barou-Dagues, Darrigrand.

Yellow card: Ziegler. White card: Labourdette.



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