Running until you collapse: You have to go to the end of yourself to find yourself

Running until you collapse: You have to go to the end of yourself to find yourself
Running until you collapse: You have to go to the end of yourself to find yourself

You have to go beyond yourself to find yourself

Published today at 9:01 a.m.

What if you had to go beyond yourself to find yourself? A journey that resembles an initiatory quest: it is not the destination that counts, but the path, it seems.

However, here, it is still a question of being the last one standing, in a game of massacre which brings together enthusiastic volunteers. Here is the principle of the Backyard: there is hardly a finish line, except in our little formatted heads.

That’s true, why want to decree an end at all costs? What a limited conception of existence: our need for finitude is matched only by our anxiety about the infinite. Unless it’s the opposite. You follow?

Live and let suffer

However, to fully grasp the unattainable, one must embrace it wholeheartedly, in a disinterested impulse: it is there, at the very end of oneself, much further than it seems, when we stop counting, that we really love. And love hurts.

Suffering is a strange traveling companion. At first unbearable, we put up with it, before we can no longer do without it. It is the receipt of a path traveled fully, madly.

Here, no one bothers with prudence, even less with laxity, as our monotonous lives constantly remind us to the point of blithely convincing us. It’s about giving yourself wholeheartedly, without restraint or concession.

Taste the perfume of eternity

What simple joy is that of letting go – never thinking further than the next cramp. At the end, there is bitterness and, against all odds, it is good.

Yes, these women and men go around in circles like one-eyed donkeys, but they rise, go beyond their damned finitude, to taste a perfume of eternity. Each stride summons the next at the same time as it makes us forget the previous one. It’s a refrain that calls for infinity, but which can only be experienced in the present moment.

almost two days of effort day and night, including pee and vomit, we found them imbued with dignity and drunk with happiness. At the end of the day, devastated, devastated, but above all formal: they have never felt so good. Listen to them, they who will never come back. Yes, you have to go beyond yourself to find yourself.

Florian Muller is a journalist and section manager at -Center. After studying literature at the University of Geneva, he joined the editorial staff of the Tamedia group in 2010.More informations @FloMul

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