JOP – How to travel during the Games – Delivery of

JOP – How to travel during the Games – Delivery of
JOP – How to travel during the Games – Delivery of

The platform for issuing digital passes “Pass Jeux”, QR Code allowing access to certain areas in Paris during the Olympic and Paralympic Games (July 26-August 11 and August 28-September 8), will record requests from this Monday May 13.

The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held from July 24 to August 11 and from August 28 to September 8, 2024.. Some events will be held in advance between July 24 and 26.

The organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games requires enhanced security. To guarantee the smooth running of celebrations and competitions while protecting pedestrian and cyclist flows, security measures have been developed.

The Games Pass is a personal pass which takes the form of a QR code to be presented at access points to the areas concerned.

Checks will be carried out at crossing points by law enforcement, with identity verification.

Requesting a digital pass (Games Pass) is necessary if you need to access the following areas:

  • THE red perimeters around competition sites : Pedestrian and cyclist traffic is free. For people benefiting from an exemption to access the red zone by motorized vehicle (car, scooter, motorcycle), you must obtain a digital pass. To obtain their pass, each authorized person mustregister in advance on the platform and provide the requested supporting documents. The red perimeters set up around the road event courses are not affected by the Games Pass, with the exception of the Paralympic cycling race, which takes place from September 4 to 7 in Seine-Saint-Denis (with a familiarization day for athletes on September 3). To access the red perimeter of this race by vehicle, it will be necessary to present a Games Pass.

  • THE gray perimeter of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. There Olympic opening ceremony takes place on July 26, 2024 on the Seine in Paris. The security system, on both banks of the river,will be activated 8 days before the event: from July 18 to 26. Within the gray perimeter of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, each natural person over the age of 13 must have a digital pass (including if they are in a vehicle, etc.). The needs and reasons for access (residence, work, delivery, repairs, moving, medical appointment, etc.) must be justified when making the request.

The platform will allow registration from May 13.

Please note: Only the Police Prefecture website, indicated below, is authorized to issue the Games Pass. (note in prevention of possible creation of false sites).



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