“We’re full of it…” the frustration of Léo Coly and the MHR

“We’re full of it…” the frustration of Léo Coly and the MHR
“We’re full of it…” the frustration of Léo Coly and the MHR

Montpellier lost again in the Top 14, the 5th defeat in a row, at Castres Olympique (27-26). Still thirteenth and play-offs, seven points behind Lyon, the Montpellier team led a large part of the match and, as is often the case, lost at the end. Enough to fuel the frustration of scrum half Léo Coly, who even had to move to the position of fly half after the exit of Louis Carbonel and who wants to stop this bad dynamic.

You have often lost narrowly, against Perpignan the match went in their favor like this evening in Castres. Do you need to heal the buds?

It’s just like our season, our heads have had to be looked after for a year now. We are in a situation where all the matches that are played at one point are always us who lose them. Is it mental? Technical? Physical ? There are definitely plenty of explanations. But the mental part is preponderant in this and when you are not confident, when the team is not necessarily dominant and reassuring, things will inevitably not work out in your favor. Today it didn’t work out in our favor.

You were in a drop position twice at the end of the match, but you missed your attempt. How did this phase of play go?

We said to ourselves that we wanted to keep the ball close to make them make mistakes, but we were not effective. We’re going two on time and I don’t see how we can put them in danger and take a penalty. So we pound for nothing and the ball comes out and I take responsibility for trying to drop it. It was the first time I took on a responsibility like that and it didn’t sit well.

However, in terms of behavior, the team has responded today?

If today we don’t play aggressive and we don’t play for our survival, it’s because we haven’t understood anything. Obviously, in terms of state of mind, it is the bare minimum to be impeccable. But the state of mind is not everything unfortunately.

Is the dam a reality?

It would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t think about it. We have been in the last three places since the start of the season. The dam has been talked about for a long time. We know that there is a good chance that we will play him, even if there can always be a miracle. We are preparing for it. Mentally. We know this is a possibility. But there are three matches left, we are not going to waste any of them. We will receive Toulouse, Lyon and go to Clermont to try to grab 12th place. We’re gonna give everything. But we have to be realistic and have our feet on the ground. It’s a possibility.

Should the character speak?

It’s the ego that must speak, pride! At a certain point, when you arrive every Monday with your head upside down because you lost, there’s a lot of it… I say it, there’s a lot of it… it’s hard to I mean, it’s hard to live with too. But this is where we will come together, see the individual qualities of each person, the mental and physical qualities. Anything that can bring us to the top we will go and get it.

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