Ligue 2. Caen has one last battle to fight to keep hope despite everything

Ligue 2. Caen has one last battle to fight to keep hope despite everything
Ligue 2. Caen has one last battle to fight to keep hope despite everything


Aline Chatel

Published on May 11, 2024 at 7:14 p.m.

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This season is too crazy and Caen has too often missed the boat without condemning itself for being wary of hasty conclusions. Stade Malherbe is not yet eliminated from the race for the play-offs. He only shot himself in the foot, Friday May 10, 2024, by only bringing back one point from his trip to Dunkirk (2-2).

First beat Valenciennes…

To finish in the top 5, he will have to beat Valenciennes, Friday May 17, 2024, while hoping for defeats from Rodez and Paris FC. The Ruthenois have two points and six goals ahead, on goal average, over Caen. As for the Parisians, they are three lengths behind with a goal difference of +4 on Caen. If they lost 2-0 in Bastia and the Malherbistes won 2-0 against Valenciennes, the SMC would move ahead thanks to direct confrontations.

… who is in good shape!

The Caennais know what to expect. From then on, “our mission is to win by a large margin against Valenciennes, to be able to at least give ourselves the hope of being in the top 5,” explains Nicolas Seube. This won’t be easy. With Nicolas Seube at the helm, Caen has won a single match by more than a goal. In addition, the Valencian red lantern remains on three victories in a row, four if we include their stopped match against Troyes.

Rodez and the PFC do not weaken

In short, Caen has seriously reduced its chances of making the playoffs, especially since Rodez is not weakening. “I was pessimistic about the fact that Saint-Etienne could win against Rodez, I was right,” recalls Nicolas Seube. The current fifth in Ligue 2 was able to equalize at Geoffroy-Guichard after conceding the opener (1-1). At the same time, Paris FC dominated Guingamp 2-1. It is the Caennais who have not done their share of the work in the North.

By winning, we would have been one point behind Paris FC and tied with Rodez. A draw for PFC could have been enough if we beat Valenciennes 1-0. This is no longer the case and it’s frustrating. I would have liked that we could have completely held the cards in hand on the last day.

Nicolas Seube, coach of SM Caen

Limits and regrets

Caen would only have needed to obtain a better result than Rodez to go ahead on the wire, if the Malherbistes had not cracked – like their opponent – ​​from a set piece. The four Dunkerque – Caen goals were scored in this way. Malherbe, rarely unbalanced in the game, can blame himself for having lost two points like this. “It often plays out there in high-stakes matches…” Anthony Mandréa did not know how to repel the danger in the air, his partners did not know how to be the first to rebound.

I didn’t feel the players were inhibited or afraid. They played the match. We failed in a few phases of the game, like the opponent. It’s cruel for us.

Nicolas Seube

The Normans, who were unable to ignite the match in Dunkirk after the second local equalizer, remained in the position of the hunters. “By winning, we opened up the field of possibilities, even more. By drawing, we are still alive and there will be a match at stake on Friday at the Ornano stadium. » Hope remains allowed and this breathtaking finish should not be in vain, for a team which will be in its place if it finishes at the gates of the top 5. “Whatever happens on the last day, it is experience acquired for the future and to nourish higher objectives. »

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