Direct. N3: Locminé leads at the break in Pontivy

Direct. N3: Locminé leads at the break in Pontivy
Direct. N3: Locminé leads at the break in Pontivy


Aurélien Burban

Published on May 11, 2024 at 7:22 p.m.
; updated May 11, 2024 at 7:25 p.m.

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There’s a lot at stake in this central Breton derby! There GSI Pontivy, sixth, receives the leader of National 3the neighbors of the Saint-Colomban Locminé.

If the Locminois win, they are champions, and move up N2. Same scenario in the event of a draw, as its runner-up, the TA Rennesloses against… the Gésistes.

Here is the progress of the meeting.

63′: warning for the GSI

Emmanuel Amankow in turn receives a yellow card following a foul on another Emmanuel, Lushima.

60′: change to the Pontivy side

Aimen Laraba leaves his place to Raymeric Sonny.

59′: new yellow card for Locminé

Marvin Luciathe is booked following a bad tackle on Aimen Laraba.

56′: change to Saint-Co side

Mathis Belhaj leaves in favor of Cyril Bennamara.

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Start of the second half

It’s between the two teams.

Half time

It’s the break in this central-Breton meeting. The Gésistes struggled to exist in this first period, even if they took the pulse as the minutes went by.

37′: yellow card

Caution for Emmanuel Lushima following a high foot on Aimen Laraba who was going on goal.

32′: first little Pontivy attempt

Maxime Boittin’s free kick is too crushed to worry Clément Daoudou who catches the ball without problem.

30′: used Locminoise

Fodiba Danso recovers a ball after (disputed) contact with Yoann Le Gal. It’s Benjamin Rio who continues the action and passes to Nathan Le Gouellec. But he misses his double with a blocked shot.

18′: GOAL!!

On his first real opportunity, Locminé opened the mark. Nathan Le Gouellec finds Mathis Belhaj in a one-two and adjusts Kévin Le Corvaisier in the area: 1-0 for Saint-Co.

12′: first alert

After a free kick from Marvin Luciathe, there was panic in the Pontivy area. But the Locminois are unable to take advantage of it.

Start of the match

It’s between the two teams.

Team composition

GSI side: Kévin Le Corvaisier, Junio ​​Oto’o Zue, Emmanuel Amanakow, Malo Jegat, Yoann Le Gal (captain), Béni Nsango, Maxime David, Noah Nabé, Antoine Héquet, Aimen Laraba; Maxime Boittin.

Locminé side: Clément Daoudou, Benjamin Rio, Wilfried Ebane Abessolo, Nolann Quemard, Emmanuel Lushima, Bukasa, Marvin Luciathe (captain), Mathis Belhaj, Mathys Daubin, Fodiba Danso, Nathan Le Gouellec, Achille Degan.

Start of the match

Hello everyone, and welcome to this live stream of the match between GSI Pontivy and Locminé.

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