Major League Hockey: a project that smells of scorch

Major League Hockey: a project that smells of scorch
Major League Hockey: a project that smells of scorch

Rumors of the launch of a new 3-on-3 hockey league with a payroll of $30 million for each of its 16 teams have made a lot of noise in the last few hours, but the “Major League Hockey” project rests is it really on solid foundations?

Journalist Brad Elliott Schlossman raised significant doubts in a report published by the Grand Forks Herald.

“A document shared with a hiring candidate indicates the league will have $10 billion Canadian dollars — yes, billion — in reserve for the first five years,” Schlossman wrote.

Due to the scale of the investment this represents, speculation is rife and many have put forward a plausible hypothesis that the Saudis are involved.

But would the Saudis really have named Max Chambers as president of the Major Hockey League?

Chambers is a most mysterious individual who allegedly attempted to buy the St. Louis Blues in 2011. There is significant uncertainty surrounding his financial assets and their provenance. In fact, not much is known about this businessman, and the Globe And Mail was unable to unearth any information on his financial activities. An article published in 2009 called him an “oil tycoon.”

When contacted by Schlossman, Chambers declined to answer multiple questions about the tour. Chambers told potential hires that he had agreements in place for access to arenas in 16 different cities, but, closely followed by Schlossman, he refused to mention a single arena, which would have helped prove the seriousness of his approach.

One of the markets cited in documents sent to hiring candidates is Minnesota/Minneapolis. At the end of his research, the journalist was able to note that no arena manager in the region had heard of Max Chambers or the Major Hockey League.

Furthermore, from what TVA Sports has been able to learn, neither the Videotron Center nor Quebecor have been approached or contacted regarding this league, although rumors link Quebec City to the Major Hockey League.

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