Top 14. Castres narrowly wins against the eye-catching Montpellier team

Top 14. Castres narrowly wins against the eye-catching Montpellier team
Top 14. Castres narrowly wins against the eye-catching Montpellier team

The Castres remain in the race for the top 6 after their victory against Montpellier (27-26), Saturday, during the 23rd day of Top 14 at the Pierre Fabre stadium. Conquerors and dominators, the Héraultais remain in 13th place, synonymous with a barrage.

Castres is reassured, but Jeremy Davidson’s men had to battle against valiant Hérault residents. The CO won, with difficulty, against Montpellier (27-26)Saturday, during the 23rd day of Top 14.

The locals showed great defensive solidity to maintain their small point lead at the end of the match and maintain their chances of qualifying for the final stages. On the other hand, the MHR can blame itself. Patrice Collazo’s team leaves with the defensive bonus point, but remains in 13th place, synonymous with a play-off.

Conquering Montpellier residents

After an average start to the match, the Montpellier team gradually took control of the match. Possession was largely in their favor over the first 30 minutes (67%). The yellow card of Castres winger Nakosi (15′) allowed them to penalize the locals twice. Each time on an essay by Cadot. The young 22-year-old center first flattened out by perfectly dodging his opponent thanks to a feint (16′), then concluded a confusion of the Castres defense along the touchline (18′).

Lacking success in this first act (2/5, 40%), Coly did not allow the Montpellier residents to take a large lead. As soon as Nakosi returned to the field, the OC showed better intentions. The Olympians showed off their speed and power. On a penalty played quickly with the hand by Fernandez, the Hérault defense was caught at fault. Fernandez, again, served Staniforth, back in the starting XV, who only had to flatten between the posts (33′). Too imprecise in their transmissions, the Castres then failed to regain the advantage over an opposing defense that was less established.

A mano a mano under tension

When we returned from the locker room, the match got heated. Coly, unhappy in the first act, pierced the Castres defense on the first chance of the half. He then made a superb chistera to serve Japaridze, who had just entered the game, who only had to flatten the ball in the opponent’s in-goal (41′). Picked cold, the Castres reacted directly. After a long sequence of occupation, Fernandez found Vanverberghe who arrived to flatten (46′).

The intensity then subsided. Unsuccessful foot exchanges multiplied. Until Zarantonello’s breakthrough. The Castres finisher launched an offensive which hit the mark, concluded by Cocagi, who also entered the game, under the posts (59′). Sluggish, the Montpellier residents tried to achieve a major success in the last 20 minutes. But the inaccuracies cost them dearly despite their domination in the scrum. Impressively solid, the Castres defense repelled the Hérault assaults led by a Reinach full of energy. Coly tried to snatch the victory, and to make up for it after his average match on the foot, with a final drop attempt. But missed, it endorsed the hopes of the MHR.

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