VIDEO. “Here we don’t give him any favors…” How YouTuber Tibo Inshape prepares hard for his first boxing fight

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On June 7, Tibo Inshape will have his first boxing fight. To prepare for this event, the YouTuber with tens of millions of subscribers chose to train at the Blagnac Boxing Club, a renowned, demanding structure. Report during training.

Tibo Inshape is immediately reframed upon his arrival in the lair of the Blagnac Boxing Club. The YouTuber doesn’t even have time to put on a pair of sneakers before his coach reprimands him: “Did you train again last night? I told you to stay calm. You can’t help it,” the coach smiled.

?️“Here, we don’t give him any gifts…” For several months, @TiboInShapeprepares hard for his first fight of #boxing in one of the most demanding clubs in France.

— Mat Gardent (@MGardent)

In the ring and during training sessions, Tibo Inshape does not benefit from any preferential treatment. Here, everyone is on the same scale. It is also partly for this reason that he chose this recognized club before his first amateur fight scheduled for June 7.

“I only see him as a boxer”

The YouTuber, who is one of the most followed personalities in France, has tried out in several structures and associations in the region. But he chose the Blagnac Boxing Club for its values: “I contacted Maamar and asked him to do a test. They immediately offered me opposition. That’s what really appealed to me,” admits Tibo Inshape.

The training sessions here are tough. Sparring hurts. But no one is complaining. This is also the DNA of one of the most famous boxing clubs in France. “There is no distinction! There is as much respect for the 8 year old kid who comes to train as there is for Tibo Inshape. When he arrives, I only see him as a boxer, not as an influencer,” argues the trainer.

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

Away from the ring, where the aspiring boxer is warming up, Maamar admits to being surprised by the young man’s work ethic. Sometimes, he has to slow down altogether for fear that the YouTuber will get injured or be too tired: “I’ve rarely seen that… His addiction to sport is obvious. At this level, it almost worries me because I never know when it will stop,” explains the coach.

Maamar Belarbi has been training the YouTuber for more than 6 months
DDM – Matis Gardent

In six months, he is convinced, the bodybuilding enthusiast has made enormous progress. “I have seen a real evolution in my level,” says Tibo Inshape, mouthguard in hand. That’s my philosophy: train hard to make things easier on fight day. »

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His partners who train with him don’t play puppets either. Tibo Inshape regularly rotates with Nabil Taïder, a solid former Ligue 1 defensive midfielder who trained at TFC. The former footballer also pulls out all the stops. “Here we don’t give him any gifts. We have no right to lie because in the ring on the night of the fight it will be much worse,” insists Maamar.

Former TFC player Nabil Taïder trains regularly at the boxing club
Former TFC player Nabil Taïder trains regularly at the boxing club
DDM – Matis Gardent

A real boxing fight

The coach is convinced, for this first fight, many of them are waiting for Tibo Inshape around the corner. Whether it’s his fans, his friends and even his detractors, there will be lots of people on June 7 at the Blagnac ice rink. But for the coach it remains above all boxing.

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“We were offered influencers or YouTubers of all kinds as opponents, we did not agree. We chose a real boxer to face him,” says Maamar. We will still have to wait. The identity of Tibo Inshape’s opponent has not been revealed.



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