AS Villers-Houlgate can validate its ticket for National 2

AS Villers-Houlgate can validate its ticket for National 2
AS Villers-Houlgate can validate its ticket for National 2


Paul Lesigne

Published on May 11, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

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Leader of National 3, theAS Villers-Houlgate has two matches to write the most beautiful page in its history. A little over 180 minutes to validate your ticket for National 2, the fourth level of French football.

“We have two chances”

“We have two chances, we have to seize one,” summarizes Benjamin Morel. We have our destiny between our feet. » With two days remaining, the Villersois are in an ideal position: they are firmly in the lead, with 5 points ahead of US Alençon. Data to take into account, all the same: the Ornais have the advantage in the particular goal average.

The calculations are simple: if ASVH wins one of its last two matches, against Dieppe or Le Havre, it moves up to N2. The Villers-Houlgate coach insists on this to his players: even if it is a first match point, you should not bet everything on this home meeting on Saturday May 11, 2024, at 6 p.m.

“This may not be the deciding match. This must be taken into account, because on the emotional aspect, it can be dangerous to expect too much from a match. Even if there is a draw or defeat, we will still have a possibility, and we will have to fight the following Saturday against the Le Havre reserve. You have to respect football and show humility. »

Benjamin Morel

“If we think it’s done…”

“Those who have been there since R2 are well placed to know this,” continues Benjamin Morel. In 2022, the former professional footballer replaced Dramane Dillain at the head of ASVH. The players from the Côte Fleurie were this time in the position of the hunter to reach Regional 1, and had a very bad start:

“We were a lot of points behind Hérouville, and finally, we managed to catch up and win in the last match… If we think that it’s done, we put ourselves in danger. »

Benjamin Morel

Alençon has a complicated schedule, with the reception of Saint-Lô (4th) then a trip to the PTT of Caen (5th). But the Villersois coach is not counting on a misstep from Vincent Laigneau’s men: “I’m assuming that they will win their two matches, I don’t expect anything from anyone. »

Dieppe, “a big engine”

Benjamin Morel fears his opponent of the weekend, FC Dieppe, stuck in the soft belly of the group (7th): “They had a slump in January/February, after the Coupe de France, where they left no lack of energy (Dieppe was beaten in the 32nd final by Laval, editor’s note). But it remains a big engine in the championship. They have a quality squad with many players who have spent years at National 3 or above. They were one of the two/three favorites that I mentioned at the start of the season. »

You should also not expect the players from Seine-Maritime to arrive in flip-flops on the Côte Fleurie:

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“Even if they are maintained and they don’t have much to play for, apart from a better place in the standings, it will be a very complicated match. Sometimes, when we are released, we are even better. That’s the danger. They have nothing to lose. »

Benjamin Morel

Dives-Cabourg wants to finish well

For its part, still on Saturday at 6 p.m., SU Dives-Cabourg travels to the SM Caen reserve field (8th). Comfortably installed in 6th place in the ranking, Philippe Clément’s men have nothing left to play for, except to get the best possible place. They can still hope to surpass the PTT of Caen and Saint-Lô. Whatever happens, the Divais will want to end this great season in the best possible way: it is not the house’s habit to take it easy.

Benjamin Morel will have to deal with the absences of important players: Kalvin Rebut (injured until the end of the season), Diego Tregoat, Marius Michel And Ibrahim Doro (suspended). “We are at the end of the season, we are all in a bit of the same conditions. There are ailments, boxes… It’s a whole group that allowed us to be here today,” underlines the coach.

A call to supporters

His message to the players is “simple”: “Now that we have made so much effort, there is no question of relaxing two days before the end. »

Benjamin Morel knows the importance of the public in big moments, which is why he hopes that the André Salesse stadium will be full to capacity: “Even if there is not necessarily the title at the end of the match, I I hope we will have the chance to play in front of a lot of people, to reward the quality of the group throughout the year. The boys deserve to come see them one last time this season. I hope that there will be as many licensees as possible, parents, friends, families, curious people, enthusiasts… To try to do something historic and incredible. »

AS Villers-Houlgate – FC Dieppe, Saturday May 11 at 6 p.m., at the André Salesse stadium in Villers-sur-Mer.

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