Kent Hughes targeted by Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: Paul Arcand planned everything

In an interview hosted by Paul Arcand, the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, did not mince his words by sending a direct message to Kent Hughes: “You are better off investing this summer to improve the team .”

“I believe that with the progress of the players and the last 20 games of the current season, there is no reason not to invest this summer to strengthen the team for next season.” (credit: 98.5 FM)

This incisive statement is paradoxical. A real ironic message.

The irony lies in the fact that St-Pierre Plamondon, a fierce critic of government spending, particularly on projects like the 7 million granted to the Los Angeles Kings for their visit to Quebec, encourages Hughes to spend all the capital without restraint by Geoff Molson, the owner of the Canadiens.

This funny remark reveals the contradictions that politicians sometimes face when they venture into the field of professional sport.

In his analysis of the State’s financial involvement in sport, St-Pierre Plamondon highlights the importance of responsibility towards taxpayers and the limits that must not be exceeded.

It also highlights the unfair competition exerted by countries like Saudi Arabia, with practically unlimited budgets. In short, he is not keen on the idea of ​​the famous 3 vs 3 league in Saudi Arabia.

Beyond these political considerations, St-Pierre Plamondon shares his personal memories linked to hockey, evoking notable moments such as Peter Stastny’s goal in 1987 and the legendary series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in 2004 .

His passion for sports, and in particular for the Montreal Canadiens, shines through in his words, revealing a deep interest in the management of sports teams. He is simply obsessed with the CH payroll.

“I think that many Quebecers, failing to see the Canadian win, have set their sights on this kind of culture of hockey “pools” where we put ourselves in the shoes of Hughes and Gordon and say to ourselves: “What is -what I would do?”

“So, that often brings me to the National Assembly to be on the Cap Friendly site studying the Habs’ payroll in a religious way…”

Kent Hughes is booked. It is better to invest in the midst of an economic crisis. It’s time to “burn Geoff Molson’s money.”

Because Plamondon is watching him closely on Cap Friendly…



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