Samuel Montembeault’s worst nightmare: Filip Gustavsson in Montreal

The tile that has just fallen on Samuel Montembeault’s head seems to be the last chapter of a nightmarish week for the goalkeeper.

Since rumors of BPM Sports sending Yaroslav Askarov to Montreal began circulating, Montembeault has had to juggle uncertainty and worry about his future with the organization.

But today, a new storm is looming on the horizon with speculation about the possible arrival of Filip Gustavsson in Montreal, while the Minnesota Wild have placed young goaltender and forward Marco Rossi on the trade market .

For Montembeault, this news is a double punishment. Not only does he see his status as number one goaltender threatened, but he will also have to face the prospect of sharing the net with Gustavsson, a young goaltender whose talent seems to surpass his own.

While the Wild appear to be interested in Mike Matheson, general manager Bill Guérin is also showing keen interest in the Montreal Canadiens’ young defensemen.

This raises questions about Montembeault’s place on the team and suggests that the CH is looking for a younger, more promising goalie talent.

Although Boston College’s Jacob Fowler is tipped as the organization’s goalie of the future, it appears Kent Hughes would like to add a young, established goalie to share the net with Montembeault.

Cayden Primeau could be another pawn in this possible transaction to Minnesota. Because Hughes will never dare to trade Montembeault, the favorite of Quebecers.

For Montembeault, this situation is difficult to swallow. After working hard to achieve number one goalie status, he now finds himself faced with the possibility of being relegated once again to a starting half-goalie. b

For Gustavsson, the possible trade to Montreal could provide an exciting opportunity to prove himself on a new team. Same thing for Marco Rossi who needs a fresh start.

With the Wild looking to promote their prodigy Jesper Wallstedt full-time to the NHL, Gustavsson could see Montreal as an opportunity to play a bigger role and establish himself as one of the best young goalies in the league.

As speculation and rumors continue to swirl, one thing is clear: Samuel Montembeault’s future with the Montreal Canadiens will not extend beyond the three-year contract he signed.

It could end much sooner. In the meantime, on the Minnesota side, the name of Mike Matheson continues to circulate. There is never smoke without fire…



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