Top 14: ASM Clermont rotates to face USAP

Top 14: ASM Clermont rotates to face USAP
Top 14: ASM Clermont rotates to face USAP

Christophe Urios put thetakes priority over “freshness” in its squad to face USAP this Saturday, May 11. A turnover in the squad after the defeat in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup. This will be, for example, the first for Mathys Belaubre, a young 19-year-old center, in the ASM group.

19 JIFF players are lined up, enough to raise the ASM average for the season. As against UBB, Stade Rochelais and Stade Toulousain… three matches lost and without bonuses by the Clermontois. In particular, it will be necessary to do without Fritz Lee, injured in the arch of the foot.

The composition of the ASM

  • 15- Alex NEWSOME
  • 14- Yérim FALL; 13- Julien HERITEAU; 12- Léon DARRICARRERE; 11- Joris JURAND
  • 10- Anthony BELLEAU; 9- Baptiste JAUNEAU
  • 7- Marcos KREMER; 8- Peceli YATO; 6- Lucas DESSAIGNE
  • 5- Paul JEDRASIAK; 4- Thibaud LANEN
  • 3- Rabah SLIMANI; 2- Yohan BEHEREGARAY; 1- Giorgi BERIA

16 – Etienne FOURCADE; 17 – Etienne FALGOUX; 18 – Anthime HEMERY; 19 – Killian TIXERONT; 20 – Théo GIRAL; 21 – Benjamin URDAPILLETA; 22 – Mathys BELAUBRE; 23 – Giorgi DZMANASHVILI.



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