Pro D2 – Biarritz: 104th French fortune, conservative right, knight of anti-wokism… who is Pierre-Edouard Stérin, one of the guarantors of the future BOPB?

Pro D2 – Biarritz: 104th French fortune, conservative right, knight of anti-wokism… who is Pierre-Edouard Stérin, one of the guarantors of the future BOPB?
Pro D2 – Biarritz: 104th French fortune, conservative right, knight of anti-wokism… who is Pierre-Edouard Stérin, one of the guarantors of the future BOPB?

Pierre-Edouard Stérin (50 years old), one of the guarantors of the file brought by the buyers of the BOPB, is one of the French billionaires making the most noise in recent months. Here we explain why.

Tuesday evening, the buyers of Olympic Biarritz – Shaun Hegarty, Flip van der Merwe and Marc Baget – lifted the veil on a large part of their business plan and revealed the names of the entrepreneurs who would support their project in the coming years. In fact, of file, we are talking here about“concrete elements” (this is what a member of A2R told us on Tuesday evening), or a letter of guarantee issued by the Rothschild bank as well as commitments signed by three entrepreneurs, Pierre Rondinaud, Pierre Fraidenraich and Pierre-Edouard Stérin.

These? They are not patrons at all, are considered more as guarantors than as investors and, despite the significant financial resources of one of them (Stérin), the BOPB budget next year will therefore be approximately equal at 9 million euros: the equivalent of that of RC Vannes, certainly; but a financial envelope out of all proportion to that of the big Pro D2 teams, such as Brive and Grenoble (15 and 13 million euros per season).

Stérin, the founder of the SmartBox brand

The three guarantors of the project played by Shaun Hegarty would be acquaintances of Romain Détré, the Limougeaud businessman who tried to buy the Basque club last June. Pierre Rondinaud, president of the company Horizon 7 Consulting, is none other than the brother-in-law of the said Détré. Pierre Fraidenraich, former general director of the BFM Business channel, recently created B Smart, a media dedicated to the world of economics. But among the three supporters of the new Biarritz building, the best-known name undoubtedly remains that of Pierre-Edouard Stérin (50 years old).

This Norman native, founder of the Smart Box concept and brand (gift boxes), today embodies the 104th fortune in the country (1.2 billion euros). A capital certainly much lower than that of Mohed Altrad or Doctor Wild, the sugar daddies of Montpellier and Paris, but a heritage sufficiently eloquent to reassure the financial policeman of professional rugby as to the seriousness of the new Biarritz project.

Heard this Tuesday by the Rugby Regulatory Authority (A2R), the new owners of the BO presented their project to the financial policeman. They then revealed the names of the new partners to accompany them in this adventure.

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Sterin? Considered one of the leading figures of the conservative French right, a fervent Catholic and seen by some as the knight of “anti-wokism”, he was recently described in L’Express as “L“billionaire who wants to evangelize France” and, in the columns of Humanity, as “Lhe patron saint of the French extreme right”, which he nevertheless defended in an article in Le Monde. Tax exiled in Belgium (he lives south of Brussels), last year he announced that upon his death, he would disinherit his five children and bequeath his entire fortune to various charities. Recently, the name of Pierre-Edouard Stérin has also made the news since the billionaire native of Évreux (Eure) was interested in buying the magazine Marianne, the buyer of which is not yet known.

Chanel, Rolex: files for a short-term future

Therefore, is the Biarritz soap opera now reaching its epilogue? It is indeed probable and on this subject, the media-popular hype which accompanied the takeover project of Shaun Hegarty, disproportionate background noise considering the current results of the fourteenth club of Pro D2, proves that Jean-Baptiste Aldigé, the The former president of the Basque entity was right when he spoke of the BOPB “as one of the finest brands in professional rugby, just like Stade Toulouse and Stade Français; a club which marked the beginnings of professional rugby and still remains anchored in the collective unconscious of the country today”.

From what we know, the buyers of the BOPB would finally like to ride on the “great luxury” image of the city of Biarritz and this week, we also learned that brands such as Chanel or Rolex, visibly keen to associate with long term their reputation to that of the Biarritz city, could one day become a jersey sponsor of the BOPB. Until then, the Rugby Regulatory Authority must nevertheless validate the file which was presented to it on Tuesday afternoon…



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