Montreal-Calgary transaction: Matt Coronato and the 9th choice in Montreal?

Rumors are already swirling in Montreal and Calgary as the Flames are ready to make a move to secure the 5th overall pick held by the Montreal Canadiens.

Under the direction of GM Craig Conroy, Calgary is aiming high and absolutely wants to make sure it gets its hands on top defenseman Zeev Buium.

The stakes are high, and the Flames are ready to put serious assets into play to achieve their goal.

In this negotiation saga, the 5th overall pick takes on vital importance. According to the forecasts of The Athleticthe Flames would go with Buium at 5th overall, letting Tij Iginla slide up to the 9th pick, where the Canadiens could seize this opportunity.

But for that, Calgary must convince Kent Hughes, the GM of the Canadiens, to let go of this precious selection.

The dilemma is clear: how to persuade Hughes to give up the 5th pick when the Flames do not have a multitude of assets to offer?

After all, the Flames have one of the worst prospect pools in the entire NHL. Patrick Roy’s Islanders are in the worst position, but Calgary is certainly in the cellar as well when it comes to the quality of their young talent.

Matt Coronato is emerging as one of Calgary’s top prospects, but is that enough to tip the scales in their favor? The proposal on the table is this: Coronato, accompanied by the 9th overall pick, in exchange for the 5th pick.

Coronato has undeniable potential, despite his small size, but Hughes does not seem willing to trade the 5th overall pick for this offer.

For him, keeping this selection seems to be the way to go. With a clear vision for his team’s future, Hughes is not willing to compromise the opportunity to select promising talent Ivan Demidov or Cayden Lindstrom.

However, if the two forwards are no longer available at 5th place, it will be time to weigh the pros and cons of the Flames’ offer.

So, despite the Flames’ efforts to attract the attention of the Canadian, it seems that the 5th overall pick remains firmly anchored in Montreal.

Calgary’s quest to strengthen its defense will therefore have to continue in other ways as the draft saga has only just begun.

Meanwhile, the name Jordan Harris continues to circulate among the Flames. One way or another, there will indeed be a transaction between Montreal and Calgary.

Saga to follow…



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