The Academy must forget this weekend. The M21, FE14 and FE12 win on the edge to save the furniture.

GC U19F – YS M19F 8 – 0 (4 – 0)

“This Sunday, we traveled to Zurich to face the Grasshopper U19s. Even before kick-off, we noticed a negative attitude from some players due to our squad being reshuffled due to absences and illnesses. Unfortunately, this situation has had an impact on our cohesion and solidarity on the ground. The match started disastrously with a goal conceded in the first seconds, while Grasshopper’s 3-5-2 organization caused problems for our usual pressing.

We had to face physically and technically superior opponents throughout the match. Our defensive shortcomings, particularly in midfield marking, cost us several goals in the first half. However, we managed to make tactical adjustments mid-half to try to rectify the situation.

The second half was more encouraging, with a more positive attitude and stronger team spirit. We better applied the instructions given at the start of the match, in particular by exploiting the opportunities offered by the numerical and positional superiority in the ball exit phases. Despite some errors in game construction which led to goals conceded on opposing counter-attacks, we saw an increased desire to play together and fight until the end.

It is crucial to emphasize that our lack of solidarity and positive attitude was a determining factor in the final result. Defensive gaps and individual errors were exacerbated by this lack of cohesion on the pitch. On the other hand, the positive reaction in the second half, marked by a more combative attitude and strengthened team spirit, showed us the vital importance of remaining united in the face of adversity. In fact, it is above all our ability to remain united and maintain a positive attitude that will determine our progress in the long term. » Saif Kraiem & Laura Laithier & Mickael Castejon M19F

YS M17F – FC Rapperswil-Jona M17F 1 – 2 (1 – 1)

“This weekend the players had the merit of standing up to a much more physically strong Rapperswil team. Technically and tactically we will be more or less equal. We will also field no less than 8 upgraded players in this match due to injuries and absences.

We will open the score first with a nice shot from 20m, but we will also make mistakes which will lead to Rapperswil’s two goals following poor timing in the framing in front of our 16 and a delay in the defensive withdrawal.

However, note that Rapperswil’s 2 to 1 came in the 85th and the players didn’t give up, even coming close to equalizing, because in the 94th on our last corner we hit the board. » Marius Roseng & Maxime Champod & Mickael Castejon M17F

YS M21 – FC Sion M21 4 – 2 (2 – 1)

“High-ranking match between FC Sion M21 and YS, the goal being to stay in the top 3 of our group.

The match begins with a play. Fickentscher, the former goalkeeper of the 1time of FC Sion mowed down Drice who came to face him in 1 vs 1.

Red card and free kick from 25 meters which Elmedin places in the top corner. Our young people therefore take control of the game and make the break quickly. An individual error revives Sion before half-time.

The second period starts in conquering mode and the 3-1 then 4-1 arrive quickly (53′ and 55′). We then left the game between the feet of FC Sion who scored again following a defensive error on our part.

Beautiful image and good intensity of the group with note the tenure of Laon Guignard 2006, trained at the club, junior with potential. » Patrick Isabella & Mustafa Sejmenovic & Juan Rodrigues & Christopher Meylan M21

Football Region Morges YLB – YS & YLB Region 1 – 1 (0 – 0)

“Travel to St-Sulpice this Saturday for our young people. Faced with a Morges team that is well established and has been feeling confident lately, our players unfortunately did not respond for this duel.

Indeed, this type of match is won with a lot of desire and composure in certain moments of the match, these elements were missing and that is why we only come back with 1 point.

You will have to restart a winning streak to end the round in the right way. » Dabo Karanmady & Kennedy De Matos & Clément Correia & Christopher Meylan YLB

FC Sion M15 – YS & Region M15 2 – 2 (0 – 1)

“7th championship meeting with a trip to Saxon to face Team Valais. Arriving there, we discovered that we were going to play on a very small field which had few spaces.

In the first half, we opened the scoring at the half-hour mark. Our winger relies on our attacker who crosses back and finds our midfielder who places his ball perfectly in the small net. This goal freed us a little because we had a little difficulty at the start of the match.

In the second half, the boys struggled to get back into it and our opponents started strong with a desire to equalize. We conceded a goal on a magnificent collective movement from our opponents who performed a nice action. Very quickly, we noticed that the management of the depth of the Sédunoise rearguard was not well managed. However, our attackers as well as our central players took time to understand this. We managed, through the long game, to have two face-to-face matches without scoring. In the 85th minute, the right winger of Team Valais centers, our goalkeeper announces that he is in the path of the ball but our center already had his leg raised to try to clear the ball, he touches it with his shin and the ball ends his race towards our goal. The boys did not give up. Our goalkeeper receives the ball and tries a long play which surprises all the defenders, our winger hits and is hit by the goalkeeper but the ball ends up in the goal.

Looking at the appearance of the match, leaving Saxon with a defeat would have been very cruel for the boys because the content of their match was good. This draw is good but we could have done more even after our equalizing goal at the end of the match. A week of work before welcoming Meyrin, the boys are ready and want to take their revenge after the defeat in the first leg. » Modou Boye & Gabriel Agosta & Adnan Alicajic & Mickael Castejon M15

Team ACG-GEF FE14 – YS & Region FE14 4 – 6)

“A victory which above all rewards collective mental strength and which symbolizes the continuous and constant evolution of the group.

Despite numerous technical wastes which blocked our playing principles and also four goals conceded from set-pieces including two penalties and a direct free kick, the boys returned the apron with a lot of heart, notably after a significant reaction.

Next meeting this Saturday with the Young Boys at home to continue our training. » Nicolas Phommarath & Michel Frütiger & Olivier Wütrich & Christopher Meylan FE14

Team ACG-GEF FE13 – YS & Region FE13 6 – 3

“Return of the championship for our FE13 team with a trip to Chêne-Bourg to play the ACGF. The meeting resulted in a match of very high quality and great intensity.

We started the match very well, creating a lot of opportunities. We manage to take the advantage of a superb collective action. Our opponent reverses the situation by first scoring 1-1 in a more than contentious situation, and 2-1 following a counter.

We managed to score the 2-2 and pushed to get the 2-3 but we were punished on the counter with individual errors on our side: 4-2. The players didn’t give up in coming back to 4-3 but the opponent was able to take advantage of the spaces left by our team at the end of the game to increase the score to 6-3.

Now for a week of work where we should look to correct these defensive transitions on which we were not effective enough this Saturday. » Matar Coly & Sofiane Saudan & Christopher Meylan FE13

FC Lutry D9 Elites – YS Region M13 6 – 5

“After our match on Wednesday against Renens 3-3, we are traveling to Lutry to confirm our good performances in recent weeks.

The start of the match went fairly calmly but we had difficulty being dangerous. On defensive errors, we conceded 3 goals without revolt on our part.

From there, a new match begins, we finally played higher by pressing the opponent and developing a simpler game. The result of this good period: 5 goals in around twenty minutes. Unfortunately the opponent came back into the match and was defeated in the last minutes.

Too bad, because we had a large number of chances in the last 20 minutes to take cover but a lack of accuracy in the last move failed us.

Positive results because the team demonstrates a good state of mind and never gives up. » Bruno Reymond & Fabrice Prahin & Christopher Meylan M13

YS & Region FE12 – Etoile Carouge FE12 5 – 4 (photo)

“Final stretch as we begin the month of May, with the reception of Etoile Carouge. Faced with an opponent who had put us in difficulty during the first leg, we were keen to put in a solid performance.

Solid individual and collective performances allowed us to play the 8 matches equally at least.

Our defensive & offensive phases were also very consistent throughout, as was the management of our weak times. We leave satisfied with our performance and our attitude, which allows us to get off to a good start to this remaining busy month and a half.

Now, on to the YS CUP!!!! » Romuald Neves & Albino Bencivenga & Marco Galati & Christopher Meylan FE12

FC Orbe M12 – YS Region M11 30

“This Saturday morning, the U11s went to face FC Orbe. A very complicated start to the match. We conceded 1 goal after 2 minutes of play.

After this goal, the team immediately recovered and put their foot on the ball. We showed good phases of possession but without succeeding in achieving results in the last meters. It will be in the last third that we will make 2 errors in the restart which will cost us 2 more goals and which will seal the score!

Very good match from us overall despite the frustrating result because we narrowly missed shaking the opposing nets.

We are getting back to work to best prepare for next week’s match. » Romuald Neves & Albino Bencivenga & Marco Galati & Christopher Meylan FE12



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