“This club is the best in football”

“This club is the best in football”
“This club is the best in football”

Jude Bellingham gave an interview to official UEFA media during which he reflected on his move to Real Madrid and his first successful season with the team: “This club is what there is of better in football. It was always the level I wanted to get to and where I could get to, but I didn’t think I would get there so quickly. I’m here now, I feel grateful every day to be able to represent this club. is a big part of my life now, it’s my life actually. It’s always been the goal for me.”

His jersey number
“At home, my father always wore a Real Madrid jersey with the 5 by Zidane. It’s funny because the story was reversed and he offered it to me when I signed last summer. I always asked him which player wore that jersey and he told me I would see it on YouTube when I was older. Now that I wear the 5it’s a great story.”

His transfer to Real Madrid
“I have to thank the club for their interest. There are many talented players here and I was honored that they thought my characteristics and personality were the right ones to play here. When they called me, they explained to me and presented the plan and the project for the next years, it convinced me I didn’t even have to think.”

Support from his family
“Everyone knows the importance and role of my family in my career. We all agreed to make the big decision to come to Real Madrid. We still think it is the best decision. With this support, you feel more confident when making these big decisions.”

His contribution to the team
“I enjoy being a Real Madrid player, in good times and bad, when you have to raise your head and try your luck again. Everything that has to do with playing at the highest level in a such a big club seems incredible to me You have to enjoy the feelings of being in the trenches and knowing that it’s not a pleasant moment, but that you have to take responsibility and help the team come out of these bad times. I managed to do it this season and the team also with other players who took a step forward and that’s why everything went well In these matches which seemed to end. draw or lose, someone managed to change things, it’s a great feeling.”

Club values
“Here, we learn to recognize the legends of the past. The values ​​and identity of the club are built on these legends who wore this badge so well before us. It is important to perpetuate the heritage and values ​​that They put it together and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

His position in the field
“I believe that is the role that suits me best in this team. I believe that when I have the freedom to go up, down, pass the last line and have the ball to play and create, I I feel very good and I feel that I can get involved in any action of the game and try to do my defensive job as well. The credit goes to the coach for giving me this freedom. to see someone who played in a lower position for so long at Dortmund and to meet someone who makes you think that it would suit him to play a little higher, honestly, all the credit goes to him.

Her goals
“I only think about collective goals. Only people talk about the rest. I only think about my teammates with whom I work every day, who are there in bad times and with whom we enjoy life. I always think how great it will be to lift all these trophies together and reward the work we all did during the season. That’s the end goal of football. If we talk about it again in a year, I would like to have. a Champions League and being in another semi-final.”



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