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Gregor Kobel, considered one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga, if not the best, will face PSG on Tuesday in the semi-finals second leg of the Champions League. The last Swiss in the running in this competition, the Zurich goalkeeper from Dortmund spoke to Keystone-ATS: “In addition to maximum performance from us, it will probably also take a little luck.”

Keystone-ATS: How would you describe these last few weeks?

GREGOR KOBEL: It is a dream! Finding yourself in the top-4 with Dortmund is great. This hasn’t happened so often in the past. It’s a cool story, for me and for BVB.

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Keystone-ATS: What memories do you have of the memorable 4-2 quarter-final second leg against Atlético Madrid?

GREGOR KOBEL: It was extremely special. The match scenario itself was already exciting, with ups and downs. But, for one reason or another, I was relatively serene and calm inside during the whole match – even after the 2 goals conceded. At 2-2, I didn’t feel nervous. Somehow I always felt like we were going to make it.

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Keystone-ATS: How do you perceive the public during these magical evenings?

GREGOR KOBEL: The support of our supporters is always great. But during such matches the spectators are even louder, the atmosphere seems somehow more electric, and the energy then also transmits to us players. As a player, you then need a few extra hours to assimilate everything. I stay awake longer this way.

Keystone-ATS: Do these impressions remain somewhere in memory?

GREGOR KOBEL: To be completely honest, I haven’t had time to dwell on it, because things are going very quickly for us at the moment. It is possible that there will be something left for the future: for a goalkeeper, experience values ​​are important, many things are decided in the head. But currently, only the present moment counts, the next match. We are in the middle of the competition. That’s the only thing I think about, the future is currently very far away.

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Keystone-ATS: Are you going to play the biggest match of your career on Tuesday?

GREGOR KOBEL: This match is definitely at the top of my list. I have never played in a Champions League semi-final before. So it could well already be the biggest match of my career, yes.

Keystone-ATS: How to reach the final?

GREGOR KOBEL: We have to be focused. Not like in the group stage, where we had delivered in Paris our worst match in this Champions League. We must behave as a team. Everyone must help the other, act as guarantor for them. PSG has so much quality that they can be incredibly dangerous. In addition to maximum performance on our part, it will probably also require a bit of luck.

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Keystone-ATS: Which Dortmund quality could be decisive?

GREGOR KOBEL: In European competition, we are capable of achieving a top result in every match. Our consistency is evident, even against teams that are better on paper. We progressed from match to match in the Champions League. Our team is very well balanced offensively and defensively. The mix of ages in the squad is also suitable. And in the European Cup, we defended very, very well, with 5 shutouts. We absolutely deserved such a journey.

I’ve had good experiences, but also bad ones


Gregor Kobel

Keystone-ATS: What was necessary on your side to reach such a level?

GREGOR KOBEL: I invested a lot. In fact, it starts from childhood. The many ups and downs are part of it, as is how to deal with them. I’ve had good experiences, but also bad ones. The work, the energy that I put in, remains as great as ever, until today.

Keystone-ATS: You arrived in Germany 10 years ago now. Your status has changed significantly. How do you see your role at BVB?

GREGOR KOBEL: You can’t claim a role on a football team. We grow up there. I like being part of this group, being able to get involved in it. I like to approach goals together. And it’s true, I try to look forward and continue to develop throughout my career. Honest criticism of oneself has never been and is not a disadvantage.

Keystone-ATS: But for almost two seasons, you have been the No. 1 goalkeeper in the Bundesliga according to the experts…

GREGOR KOBEL: It is an honor for me to be so ranked. As a child, I always looked towards Germany. The great football nation, the Bundesliga. Everyone looked towards her. That I am now perceived in this way is of course already a really nice feeling. But I’m also happy when other people make such reviews…

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