“we should have placed ourselves in a better position during the regular season”

“we should have placed ourselves in a better position during the regular season”
“we should have placed ourselves in a better position during the regular season”

I’m not one of those who cast the first stone at the Golden Knights for their management of the long-term injured list since it’s not illegal, basically.

But what you need to know is that there are flaws in this method. For example? It’s been three years since Vegas finished its season without its captain.

Two years ago, the Knights did not make the playoffs and last year, the club was crowned champion. It was the ups and downs of banking everything on a good playoff run.

This year, we are back in the negative since the Golden Knights lost against one of the powers of the NHL in the first round, Dallas. CH is therefore no longer the last club to have eliminated Vegas in the playoffs… #2021

If the club had a few more points in the standings, the club would have had another playoff run and perhaps Vegas would have put itself in a position to have a better chance of winning at least one round.

We know it. It’s one thing to hear it from a member of the Golden Knights organization, though.

And it’s another thing for Mark Stone, the club captain who ended his last three seasons on the long-term injured list, to be the one to convey the message publicly.

It probably would have been better to put ourselves in a better position during the regular season. –Mark Stone

The Stone family likes to laugh about the long-term injured list situation, but the fact remains that with Stone in the lineup at the end of the season, a matchup against the Stars would surely have been avoided.

I know whoever chooses gets worse, but the Knights wouldn’t have “chosen” their opponent: they would have won more hockey games. And that would have helped them gain places in the rankings.

Note that Stone scored three goals against Dallas in seven games, but did not get an assist. If he had momentum, would he have been able to help his team better?

Yes, there is a lot of irony in the words of Stone, Mr. LTIR himself. He may have a really bad back, but let’s just say that the timing of his injuries does not give him the benefit of the doubt publicly. The comments towards him are proof of this.

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– Tomorrow we will be settled.

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