Led, the Bretons fail to destabilize the Messins

Led, the Bretons fail to destabilize the Messins
Led, the Bretons fail to destabilize the Messins

It is reviewed at VAR

That seems harsh. But Traoré receives a yellow for the moment.

Penalty for Rennes!

Mr. Buquet believes that Traoré pushed Kalimuendo!


Mikautadze goes on the counter and fixes the defense before shifting Diallo to the left. He has time to get back on his right foot to curl in a shot. Mandanda is beaten but Theate comes back at the last minute to save his head. What a return!

Double change on the Rennes side

Alidu Seidu and Gouiri are replaced by Guela Doué and Yildirim.

Oh the opportunity for Rennes!

Great work from Kalimuendo in the area but he collapses cleanly. Gouiri still inherits the ball but his shot is too crushed! Kalimuendo and Oukidja heat up in the process.

The Fairy comes into play

He therefore replaces Terrier, decisive passer on the Rennes goal.

Rennes lacks imagination

The Bretons have the ball but do nothing with it. No spark yet. And Metz is dangerous on his few counter balls.

Rennes occupies the Metz camp

The Bretons have been in the Metz camp since the restart and are lurking around the surface.

Here we go again !

Metz restarts this game! No change at the break.

It’s halftime! Metz leads 2-1!

Even if it is Rennes which dominates, the Messins were able to exploit the wanderings of the Breton defense to regain the advantage just before the break! Mikautadze, scorer and decisive passer, was once again delicious.

Four minutes of added time!

Metz must hold on to validate this good first act!


Mikautadze overflows on the right and serves Papa Diallo perfectly, who has outpaced the defense, and who finishes close to the goal! Metz takes the lead!

Truffert collapses in the area!

But Mr. Buquet believes that the full-back simulated after a tackle from Camara and returned the ball to Metz. He receives a warning.

The two teams already split in two

It feels like the 87th minute! The two teams are already split in two on certain situations.

Metz cannot come out

The Messins are united but have difficulty crossing the halfway line when they have the ball.

Bourigeaud’s turn to come up against Oukidja!

Bourigeaud infiltrates the left of the area and opens his foot but Oukidja pushes away with his leg! The Metz goalkeeper is hot!

Oukidja repels Terrier’s strike!

Not attacked, he decides to hit from 25 meters but Oukidja relaxes and pushes back.

The rhythm has fallen

With this equalization, the Rennais are a little less inclined to attack, and take more time to settle the game.

THE CSC!! Rennes equalize!!

Terrier is found on the left of the area and he crosses towards Gouiri, who fires a rebound. This is countered by Hérelle, who tried to clear, but who deceives Oukidja. How hard it is for the people of Messina! 1-1!

Corner for Rennes

The Bretons started to attack again and won a corner. But that doesn’t do anything.


Launched on the right, he overtakes Theate, and Mandanda, who wanted to get out, retracts. Too late, because the Georgian lobbed the goalkeeper with a perfect flat foot! Metz opens the score!!

Gouiri’s shot off target!

The former Lyon player arrives launched into the area and unleashes a shot which flies into the stands of Saint-Symphorien.

Big Breton pressure!

Julien Stéphan’s men are very offensive and push to the edge of the area. For now, the defense is holding!

Mess up in the Metz area!

The ball drags in the area but the Messins manage to put out the fire!

The Rennais ask for a hand in the area

But Mr. Buquet does not give a penalty, Candé’s hand being completely glued to the body.

Balanced start

It’s quite balanced between the two teams, even if Rennes is a little more precise technically.


Rennes kicks off!

Metz eleven

Metz (4-4-2): Oukidja – Colin, Hérelle, Traoré, Candé – Camara, N’Doram, Atta, Jallow – Diallo, Mikautadze.

The Rennes lineup

Rennes (4-3-3): Mandanda – Seidu, Wooh, Theate, Truffert – Doué, Matusiwa, Bourigeaud – Gouiri, Terrier, Kalimuendo.

Hello everyone !

Welcome to our site to follow live and in full the meeting between FC Metz, 16th, and Stade Rennais, 9th in Ligue 1. Kick-off will be given at 7 p.m. This poster for the 32nd day will see two clubs with diametrically opposed ambitions oppose each other, the challenge for the Grenats being to keep the club in Ligue 1, which Stade Rennais is assured of, while the Bretons will want to get at least closer. temporarily from OL and OM, which occupies 7th place, potentially qualifying for the European Cup at the end of the season. This will not be a victory at Saint-Symphorien. With three points behind the first non-relegation team, the Messin play-off must also win and hope for a misstep from the teams ahead of them, knowing that they will then play Strasbourg and especially PSG on the last day of the season. .



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