Ferrari is “able to attract the best people”

Ferrari is “able to attract the best people”
Ferrari is “able to attract the best people”

The announcement of the departure of famous engineer Adrian Newey after 24 years at Red Bull is the news that is shaking the paddock at the moment. However, the future of British engineering still remains unclear. Currently responsible for developing Red Bull’s Hypercar until 2025, when he will leave the team, Newey has several exit options.

Linked to Aston Martin and Mercedes who would like to recruit him, it is towards Ferrari that heads are turning, the Scuderia seeming to be the most attractive option for Newey. In addition to the legendary history of the Italian team, its performances in 2024 are more than encouraging. Ferrari currently sits second in the constructors’ championship, just 44 points behind Red Bull.

Charles Leclerc is also aware of the step forward taken by the Scuderia compared to 2023. The Monegasque would obviously be delighted to share his Italian experience with the English engineer, convinced that his team’s new project can attract the most competent people .

“We have an incredible team at Ferrari at the moment and in the last seven or eight months we are the team that has improved the most”declares Leclerc. “However, adding Adrian to such a team would be extraordinary.”

“I would obviously be very happy [de travailler avec Adrian Newey]. I think Adrian is one of those guys in the paddock that you hope to work with one day in your career,” underlines the Monegasque. I think we are in a very good moment for the team. We are in a good dynamic and I think we are able to attract the best people in the world.”

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Charles Leclerc and Frédéric Vasseur

Photo: Ferrari

Ferrari progress made in Vasseur

Asked about the origins of the team’s great progress, Leclerc did not fail to throw flowers at his team director, Frédéric Vasseur, and his way of managing the team, which he considers to be the cornerstone of Ferrari’s return to the forefront.

“Fred has always shared with me his medium and long-term vision for the team, and I shared with him what I thought was the right thing to do. And it’s going very, very well. I’m very happy the way things are going.”continues the Monegasque.

“I think Fred’s vision and his ability to put people in the right environments to get the best out of everyone is something really, really incredible and that’s what made the difference,” he insists. “[Nous avons] a very clear vision of the main points we need to focus on. This allows the team to focus all its energy on just one or two points. We then see the results straight away, which is a good thing.”



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