Athletes, employees, artisans… They promote Center Brittany

Athletes, employees, artisans… They promote Center Brittany
Athletes, employees, artisans… They promote Center Brittany

By Angélique Goyet
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May 1, 24 at 7:00

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The interco’ wants to go beyond the postcard: Loudéac Communauté (Côtes d’Armor) has launched a promotional campaign 2024 by highlighting human and experience. To see the territory of Central Brittany differently.

Central Brittany highlighted by its active inhabitants

“We also make these videos available to businesses,” says Loudéac Community Brittany Center. For several weeks, videos of the territory have been put online by interco’.

They want to be very human, far from the institutional style which could stick to the community, to the Bretagne Center brand. Portraits ofresidentsofdiverse backgroundsto be followed as “a web series” as LBCB promises on its YouTube channel.

Yes, the area is not bad at all, very beautiful from the sky (Lake Guerlédan never fails…); but LCBC chose to go beyond the postcard. And it’s refreshing.

There is a form of atmosphere here. We have people here who provide an authentic living environment.

Loudéac Community Brittany Center

LCBC continues: “We also have companies that are at the center of everything, at a crossroads, they are very invested. Structuring equipment, for cultureTHE sports, associations, etc. We need to be able to highlight that, we are proud of our ruralityit’s a asset. »

Famous faces and anonymous people

A will displayed, through these faces, these encounters. The first video, published in February 2024, presents an athlete, far from being unknown to swimming enthusiasts: William Even.

Originally from Loudéac (in Brest today), swimrun champion, and who formed a beautiful swimming duo with his brother at the Loudéac Country Nautical Club a few years ago.

Videos: currently on Actu

The second portrait, published at the beginning of April 2024, is that of GuillaumeA salaried boilermaker-welder “came from elsewhere for work and who ultimately sought to settle down with his family. »

Two videos are already ready: “ Fannya orthoptist liberal, who came back to settle here to be useful to her territory. A video that allows us to talk about health, to hope to attract professionals, to show that we have a network. »

This video will be published early May 2024. In June 2024, it will be aroundAlexanderA artisan metalworker, “to show that there are all forms of businesses in the region. He also talks about his role as a parent, to find nursery and school. »

Executives, students, business leaders…

Once a month, LCBC broadcasts these portraits of local actors. For the next few months, some topics are more obvious than others:

For the month of July 2024, just before the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will have our Vélodrome ambassadors, Audrey Cordon-Ragot and Alexandre Léauté.

Loudéac Community Brittany Center

The order of uploading is not yet decided, but from August 2024, and until the end of the year, there will be a studenttwo business ownersA frame and one beekeeper“it will be Martial Vivier, from La Grange aux bleues in Gouray” we slip.

Videos to be used everywhere and by everyone

LCBC makes its videos available to economic players, “to broadcast them in living roomsor to candidates within the framework of the recruitment. »

Videos “useful to people, to businesses, to promote the territory. And show personalities with their naturalness, who choose what they want to highlight in the video. »

The interco’ has other ideas to get better noticed… In the meantime, LCBC expects to review the “photo-graphic-card” caravan by Neven Denis and Mehdi Boubekeur by this summer. They had crisscrossed the territory to take photos of the inhabitants in 2023.

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