Jeff Gorton opens the door to the free agent market

Jeff Gorton opens the door to the free agent market
Jeff Gorton opens the door to the free agent market

It’s a day of assessment for the Canadian. It starts with Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

From the outset, we learned that Martin St-Louis’ contract had been extended until 2027 via a contract option. Seeing him stay was to be expected, but now it’s official.

Thus, the group remains in place to make the players who are already here happy… but also for the players who are not in the organization.

After all, as we know, if everyone continues to say that the playoffs are accessible, that means that it will take help (especially in terms of offensive talent, as Hughes said) on the ice .

It goes through development, through transactions… and through free agents. And this, even though last year, Jeff Gorton didn’t seem to be the biggest fan of free agents among NHL executives.

You can’t go there via free agents without giving too much money to an older player. –Jeff Gorton

But does that mean that no one will be signed like it was in other years? Not necessarily.

According to the same Jeff Gorton, if there is a free agent who can help the Canadian for the future, the club will consider him. He therefore did not close the door to this possibility this summer since, according to him, Montreal is becoming an attractive destination.

Gorton, who signed Artemi Panarin in New York shortly after “the letter” to the fans, was certainly not going to say otherwise and in fact, there are conditions for an addition. This is something to consider when we analyze everything.

Whether via trade or free agents, blocking a young person by adding a player is not in the plans. The club does not want to make the series to the detriment of development, therefore.

The changes could be made by adding, but we will also have to subtract from the blue line. Kent Hughes, on this subject, said that he had not yet decided which young defenders (or which young defenders) will leave.

It will also be decided in a summer which will be important for Flannel.


– Kent Hughes sees Patrice Bergeron in Nick Suzuki.

– Jeff Gorton: his best moves were to get Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis.

– Jeff Gorton doesn’t want to leave.

– Yes.



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