Valérie Pécresse approaches mayors for the future PSG stadium, Emmanuel Grégoire evokes “a shot in the back”

Valérie Pécresse approaches mayors for the future PSG stadium, Emmanuel Grégoire evokes “a shot in the back”
Valérie Pécresse approaches mayors for the future PSG stadium, Emmanuel Grégoire evokes “a shot in the back”

This Sunday, Valérie Pécresse consulted certain Ile-de-France mayors on the question of the future PSG stadium. After this message, Emmanuel Grégoire, Anne Hidalgo’s first deputy, spoke of “a shot in the back”.

A message sent in a WhatsApp loop. This Sunday, February 11, Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Île-de-France region, contacted several mayors at the head of municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants likely to be able to accommodate the future PSG stadium, BFM Paris Île-de learned -France from the elected official’s entourage, confirming information from France Bleu Paris.

In this message, Valérie Pécresse claims to think “that PSG’s place is at the Parc des Princes” but she says she was “requested by the president of the club (Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, Editor’s note) to assess other sites” in the region .

A 50 hectare site capable of accommodating a hotel structure

According to the president’s entourage at BFM Paris Île-de-France, she specified that the research is focused on “a 50-hectare site close to road and public transport, capable of accommodating a stadium and hotel infrastructure”.

After launching this consultation with several city councilors, the former LR candidate in the presidential election mentioned the deadline of March 16.

Until then, mayors who “have land reserves” or “sufficient buildable land” can express their interest in the region.

Emmanuel Grégoire tackles Valérie Pécresse

And the message did not fail to catch the eye. Especially since in the WhatsApp loop is Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy of Anne Hidalgo. According to a source at BFM Paris Île-de-France, the latter regretted a “shot in the back”.

“Dear Valérie, we have a stadium at Porte de Saint-Cloud which is ready to be renovated. If you believe that PSG should stay at the Parc des Princes, you can help us rather than shooting us in the back,” sent Emmanuel Grégoire .

After this response, Valérie Pécresse took the opportunity to criticize certain comments from the Paris town hall, notably Anne Hidalgo, concerning the Olympic Games. “I am not shooting in the back unlike those who say that we will not be ready for transport at the Olympics,” retorted the elected official according to a source at BFM Paris Île-de-France.

Before continuing: “I pushed for the Park and refused to consider any other solution for months”. And to conclude by excluding “being responsible for your relations with the club”.

The club president “wants to move”

Because between the Paris town hall and Paris Saint-Germain, the relationship seems indeed tainted. After the vote against the sale of the Parc des Princes in the Paris council on February 6, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the president of the capital club, indicated that he wanted to let go of the matter.

“We know what we want, we wasted years trying to buy the Park. It’s over now. We want to move,” he said at the end of the UEFA congress on Thursday February 8 last.

After this declaration, if the Paris town hall did not wish to react, those close to the executive indicated that the lease signed between it and PSG runs until 2043.

Yesterday, Sunday February 11 during the day, Emmanuel Grégoire affirmed at the microphone of RMC Sport the desire of the town hall to continue discussions. “What we want is to get back to work with them. PSG will never leave the Parc des Princes,” explained the deputy mayor.

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